imossi N1: A different RFID protecting wallet

Posted on August 06, 2015 by David Bruce

imossi N1 Wallet Side View

When looking at the imossi N1 Wallet, you would be forgiven for thinking it looked fairly similar to several other wallets that utilise a metal case and an elastic strap to hold things in case. However, some subtle differences make imossi pretty different from the crowd. Created by London based duo James and Sean, the N1 wallet's name derives from the postal code of London that the wallet was first dreamt up in, in the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch.

About the imossi N1 Wallet

The N1 was imagined as a unique alternative to the current wallet options. Created from a desire to de-clutter, it strips away bulk and excess material in favour of clean-cut, no nonsense, durable design. Instead of having a back plate or cut out section where cards are stored, or plates on the outside, the N1 opts for a different tact, which seems so simple and effective that we can't believe we haven't seen more wallets utilise it. The N1 has a central section, and cards are stored on either side, meaning cards are easier to access for starters.

imossi N1 Wallet front orange strap

Machined from a single piece of aluminium - uniform cut with precise, symmetrical edges - it stands out in both its simplicity and eye catching form. It promises to be light, slim, tactile and incredibly durable. The N1 also has a cleverly integrated bottle opener crafted into the base, allowing you to crack open a cheeky beer anywhere - a quick brew on the way to work just became that bit easier! Please note: drinking on the way to work is seriously not recommended.

The N1 also comes with a smart RFID shield that works with the aluminium core to protect your cards from RFID fraud. The aluminium core on its own will help you avoid the dreaded "card clash" as you can store contactless cards on opposite sides, meaning you just need to wave the right side over the reader. For complete peace of mind, you can slip the aluminium RFID shield on top of your cards to block any unwanted RFID signals, although clearly this will add to the bulk of the wallet slightly.

imossi London N1 Wallet front

The N1 will comfortably hold between 6-8 cards, as well as a few folded bank notes. Because of the minimal profile of the wallet, this should all remain pleasingly slim and lightweight. Their is also a key hole at the bottom left of the wallet, allowing for a key to be attached if desired.

Imossi are clearly very concerned with the aesthetic of their brand, and have put a lot of time into ensuring the N1 is stylish as well as functional. Each aspect of the N1 is meticulously planned out and delivered; from the concept design to the materials to the intricate packaging experience. The product comes beautifully packaged in a black display box, and each N1 wallet comes with at least 5 different coloured elastic bands, meaning it can be interchanged and customised at will. The main body of the N1 is kept fairly simple, with the sleek black anodized finish and the imossi logo embossed on the bottom making it smart and sophisticated, and those who want to jazz things up can add some colour with the interchangeable bands provided.

imossi N1 wallet in display box

The imossi N1 wallet on Kickstarter

The imossi N1 wallet just recently ticked over the fundraising goal, so will be becoming a reality. With 9 days still to run at the time of writing, there is still time to back the project. To pledge or find out more, visit the imossi N1 Wallet Kickstarter page, or check out their video below.