About Slim Wallet Junkie

My name is Harry and I am the founder of Slim Wallet Junkie.

I am an avid minimalist and have been a slim wallet user and promoter for a decade. I want to use my passion to help you find a wallet that best meets your needs.

I have spent years going from one wallet to the next in search for 'The Holy Grail', the one wallet that will perfectly meet my needs. During my search I have realised that just as there are different horses for different courses there are also different wallets which have suited my differing needs at various times of my life. 

Thus, in early 2013 I decided to start a blog and online store to share with others my insights into the various available wallets, their attributes and the kind of person they will suit best.

During my search I also noticed that many of my favourite wallets were made and sold abroad. This proved to be a hassle as to get hold of them I would have to endure the long shipping times and the annoyance of import duties, VAT, customs charges etc.

Therefore I decided to bring some of my favourite slim wallets, directly to your door by offering fast and free UK and EU shipping on wallets which are competitively priced.

Located just outside of London in the UK, Slim Wallet Junkie is perfectly positioned to ship directly and quickly to you if you helping you bypass the hassles and costs associated with buying from outside of the EU.

If there are any wallets that you believe that I have missed, please get in touch with me. Email me at info@slimwalletjunkie and let me know so that I can share it with the website's other followers.

I firmly believe in high levels of customer service since our best form of marketing will be through satisfied and happy customers.

I hope that we can help you to find your ideal wallet so that you too can become or continue to be a Slim Wallet Junkie.