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Decadent Minimalist One Wallet

August 04, 2015 4 min read 0 Comments

Decadent Minimalist One Wallet Titanium

Sometimes minimalist wallets have cryptic names that don't give much away. That can't be said of the Decadent Minimalist One wallet, or DM1 for short. the clue is right there in the title, it's decadent and it's minimalist. The Minimalism comes in the way of using only a tiny amount of material to craft the wallet, making it both light and slim. The decadent part comes from the fact that is crafted from a single block of high quality material, finished to a luxury standard.

The Decadent Minimalist wallet has actually been around for about a year now, since the original DM1 Kickstarter campaign was funded by over 1,800% (nearly $92,000). This is a follow up campaign that adds three new metal types to the decadent wallet party, and it has already amassed a funding total that totally blows the previous campaign out of the water!

About the Decadent Minimalist One Wallet

The DM1 is the brainchild of Erik Moon who created the wallet as part of a mechanical engineering class at Stamford University, which is perhaps one of the most prestigious back stories for a Kickstarter wallet. After creating the prototype and realising the popularity and potential in it, he went on to bring it to market, with the help of the original Kickstarter project. Now, I know very little about Mr Moon, but it only takes a quick browse of the comments section of that previous campaign to realise this is a guy who not only knows how to create a great wallet, but also deliver on that and find the time to respond to all his backers. We tip our hat to him for that, and we hope other Kickstarter projects will sit up and take note.

DM1 Titanium Wallet

On to the wallet itself then. The DM1 Wallet has a simple concept, but a very clever design. Each DM1 is crafted from a single block of metal (or carbon fiber) with no additional bands or plates used, just a single block of material precision cut to shape. This means it is highly durable, as there are no joins or flimsy materials that are liable to breaking. It also makes it extremely compact and pretty darn good looking.

There isn't a huge amount to the DM1 at first glance; it is slightly larger than a credit card, and consists of just 3 sides, some grooves and an open end. Cards are inserted into the open end, and slide seamlessly into the wallet, until they lock into place with a subtle but satisfying click. The DM1 Wallet will be available in a 4, 8 and 12 card variety, though each of these can hold less than that amount, even just a single card. For those interested in cash, there is a cash clip available which slides into the wallet in the same what a card would, but contains a money clip to hold some folded notes / bills.

DM1 Nickel Wallet

The open design means that ID cards such as driving licenses or work passes can be stored on top or bottom, and are visible without the need to even remove them from the wallet. Clearly the top and bottom card are effortlessly simple to access, but the cards stashed away in the middle might seem less so. It is actually surprisingly easy to flick through and access cards stored inside the wallet, as demonstrated by Erik in in the video below.

Previously the DM1 wallet was only available in Aluminium. This latest Kickstarter project brings a few new materials to the table, which should get the pulses of any decadent minimalist going. There is now a Nickel plated version, a Carbon Fiber option a Titanium edition. Each of these has different attractions, but will essentially come down to a matter of taste and style, although clearly there is also a price variation between them too. Here is a rundown of each new version:

  • DM1 Nickel– starts life as a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. It is machined into the perfect shape to retain your cards with a positive click. It is then hand-buffed to a mirror polish. Finally, it's Nickel plated in a 17-step process to give a hard protective finish that looks like Sterling Silver and will not tarnish.
  • DM1 Titanium – also machined from a solid billet of metal, but this model is made from G2 99.5% pure titanium. Titanium is known as the Metal of the Gods because of its corrosion resistance and highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element on the periodic table. It is so beautiful, we leave it with the raw machined finish. Although slightly heavier than the original, DM1 Titanium is our strongest / sturdiest model. 
  • DM1 Carbon Fiber – we start with a custom manufactured solid plate of Carbon Fiber, then machine it the same way we make our metal versions. It is about half the weight of the Aluminum model!

Decadent Minimalist DM1 Carbon Fiber Wallet

Each wallet comes with the option of having a custom engraving too (apart from the Carbon Fiber, which they don't currently have access to the machines necessary to engrave with). The 8 card version comes in at 3.53” x 2.38” x 0.36” - for context, that is thinner than an iPhone 4. The exact weight depends on the material used, but it is safe to say it is pretty light whichever material is chosen.

DM1 Wallet on Kickstarter

The new varieties of the Decadent Minimalist One wallet will definitely become a reality, as already the project is well over 3000% funded. The Decadent Minimalist team have also promised that fulfillment of rewards will begin this month, so things are already well under way! To find out more or to pledge, head on over to the DM1 Wallet Kickstarter Page, or check out their video below.

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