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A Notebook Like No Other

March 16, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

As our customers and blog readers may be familiar with, at Slim Wallet we're all about fantastic minimalist and quality wallets that stay slim and won't bulge in your pocket. However, from time to time we come across an interesting product that we think our customers will enjoy and the Bellroy Notebook Cover and Pen is one of those! 

Far from being just an ordinary notebook cover, the Bellroy cover is one that has many functions to help you stay as organised as possible from work to weekend, commute to vacation, home to hobby and everything in between!  

Here are just some of the notable features we like about this product:

The notebook cover comes preloaded with a small field notebook, and it also comes with its very own notetaker pen which slides easily over the spine of your cover. No more searching for that pen, no more borrowing from the neighbour on the train - you have your own and it's made of a ceramic anodized aluminium so it's completely lightweight, too. Plus, did we mention that it was created for a balanced, slim and smooth writing experience? No? Well, we should have mentioned it! 

The cover is entirely made from one piece of very soft leather. With just a few discreet stitches nothing is taking away from the minimalist design of this book. The leather folds over itself inside the book, not only keeping the leather protected on the outside but to give it some great additional benefits and storage space on the inside. 

Take the card slots for example where you could store business cards for that networking meeting or even credit cards if you're travelling. You could even store some money if you just want to keep everything together in one place. 

We particularly like that the book closes with a magnet. It is great for storing an additional piece of paper without worrying it might slip out of a regular notebook. Or perhaps tuck your boarding pass into the cover if you choose to use it as a passport holder. The cover is a similar size to a passport and this one will store two - one for you and your friend so you keep everyone organised on your next trip. 

So, who are these small but very mighty and delightful notebook covers and pens for? Well, just about anyone perhaps! For those who might want to stay organised, maybe for someone who wants to keep their essentials in one place. That person who always needs a to-do list or has some great ideas and never finds a place to jot them down. Keep everything stored neatly in a book that could slot into your back pocket or your inside jacket pocket. Find out more, it’s available in four colours, although you’ve got to be quick as we’ve already sold out of two!

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