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SECRID Slimwallet range now in store!

August 07, 2015 0 Comments

SECRID Slimwallet Vintage Brown

The clue is probably in the name on this one, we love the SECRID Slimwallet. It is practical, classy and slim. It looks the business, and it gets business done all at the same time, and that is why we are delighted to announce that the full SECRID Slimwallet range is now avalaible to buy from Slim Wallet Junkie. You can shop for SECRID Slimwallet here.

We make no secrets about the fact we love SECRIDs range of beautifully crafted and cleverly designed wallets. Being both stylish and hugely practical, not to mention slim and swish, SECRID products never fail to impress, and are consistently the best selling wallets in our online wallet shop. The success of the SECRID range is all based around the superb SECRID Cardprotector, which provides RFID protection as well as keeping cards physically safe, and has a seamless "fanned" card storage system operated with just the flick of a button - oh and did we mention it is extremely light and slim.

That's fantastic for the card carrying minimalist, but some people require just a little more from their wallet. If that is you, then rest assured, SECRID have catered to you fine people too. The SECRID Slimwallet is built around the core of a Cardprotector, but adds a casing of luxury, top quality European leather which not only makes it ooze class and style, but also offer increased storage and usage options, without sacrificing on the slim and light profile that SECRID are famous for.

Unlike some of the other options in the SECRID range, the Slimwallet doesn't have a stud closure, making it perfect for the slim wallet connoisseur who avoids anything which adds unnecessary bulk (now you see why we are such big fans of it, right?). The Slimwallet instead has a clean and crisp appearance that keeps things simple and effective, and means it can be slipped into a shirt or jacket pocket, or just about any pocket for that matter.

Slimwallet original Black

New Design

The Slimwallet consists of the aluminium SECRID Cardportector, encased in a beautiful leather surrounding, which not only looks stunning, but also adds to the usability of the wallet. The leather interior provides space for extra cards, bills, business cards, and receipts - it is even possible to sneak in a few coins, although we wouldn't recommend it. Don't let all this storage space worry you though, the SECRID Slimwallet remains surprisingly slim.


The SECRID Slimwallet is available in seven different variations, which includes three different types of leather; Original, Vintage and Amazon. You can read more about each of these leather types on the SECRID Website . The seven options for the Slimwallet are: Original Black, Vintage Black, Vintage Blue, Vintage Brown, Vintage Cognac, Amazon Black and Amazon Brown. Each of these designs is shown below in that order, and available from our SECRID online shop.


Functionality and Style

As with all SECRID wallets, the Slimwallet is built around the success and simplicity of the Cardprotector, which protects against breakage and RFID/data theft. Thanks to the smart lever mechanism, a single click will present your cards in a fan from the wallet, allowing easy access to each individual card. The Cardprotector itself can hold up to 6 cards, and the leather interior has two pockets that can hold a further 6 cards, as well as a special compartment to hold notes and receipts.

Secrid now sells its products in more than 3,000 sales outlets, distributed over 30 countries. Being based, designed and produced in the Netherlands means they comply to the highest standards of manufacturing and working conditions.


 68 x 102 x 16 mm


72 grams


Available from just £45.00 in the Slim Wallet Junkie shop - With free UK & EU delivery available, as with all orders from Slim Wallet Junkie.

SECRID Slimwallet original blue

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