SECRID Cardslide now available to buy in our online shop

Posted on February 10, 2015 by David Bruce

It's been a little while since we first told you about the launch of the SECRID Cardslide. We are pleased to be able to announce that you can now buy the SECRID Cardslide in our online shop.

The Cardslide is designed for people who like an ultra-thin, practical wallet. Combining the aluminium Cardprotector - which provides protection against breaking and unwanted reading for up to 6 cards - and a high-gloss plastic slide which provides extra room for items like business cards or cash, all bound together with an elegant, strong elastic. Shop for SECRID Cardslide now.

SECRID Cardslide 360 profile

New Design

The Cardslide consists of the aluminium SECRID Cardprotector and a slide connected together by a wide band. The extendable slide is made of high-quality polycarbonate, a desirable and durable plastic that is also used in items like CDs and safety goggles. The Cardslide adds extra storage capacity to the Cardprotector without compromising on style or size. Besides the cards in the Cardprotector, the slide compartment also offers enough space for other necessities such as a key, business card or cash. You can even place a photo in the clear sliders to easily give your wallet a personalised touch. The elastic in the Cardslide is also flexible enough to hold something extra, if needed.

SECRID Cardslide holding various items (key, coins, notes)


The SECRID Cardslide is available in seven different colour designs which are inspired by European cities where SECRID is popular. These are: Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Oslo, Paris and Rome. We now sell each of these designs in our SECRID online shop.

SECRID Cardslide colour options

Functionality and Style

SECRID Cardslide Copenhagen blueAs with all SECRID wallets, the Cardslide is built around the success and simplicity of the Cardprotector, which protects against breakage and RFID/data theft. Thanks to the smart lever mechanism, a single click will present your cards in a fan from the wallet, allowing easy access to each individual card. Secrid now sells its products in more than 3,000 sales outlets, distributed over 30 countries. Being based, designed and produced in the Netherlands means they comply to the highest standards of manufacturing and working conditions.


 68 x 104 x 17 mm


70 grams


£34.00 in the Slim Wallet Junkie shop - With free UK & EU delivery, as with all orders from Slim Wallet Junkie.