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Bellroy Note Sleeve Video Review

February 05, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

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Bellroy Note Sleeve Review Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to another video review by Slim Wallet Junkie.com. Today we take a review the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet, which is similar to the slim sleeve we reviewed in a previous video - click the link if you'd like to view that and learn a bit more about Bellroy as well.

So the note sleeve Wallet that we're using today is actually not new, it's around a year old and has been used pretty much daily. So you might notice scuffs and marks but this should give you a good idea of how it holds up, and how durable it is.

So the main difference between a slim sleeve and note sleeve, which we're looking at today, is that the note sleeve is designed to hold notes without the need for them being folded. They're a fairly similar size, though obviously the note sleeve has to be slightly bigger and they look fairly similar as well.

The first thing you will notice about the note sleeve is the Bellroy embossment on the front, similar to the slim sleeve and other Bellroy Wallets. The stitching that goes down the side which is simple but elegant. When you open up the wallet you see it looks fairly similar to the slim sleeve again but with an extra pocket and has this card slide mechanism which we'll show a bit later which the slim sleeve also has as well.

A nice little touch on the wallet is the embossed Bellroy logo, the small owl which you can make out there and
the inner lining has a nice unique feel which gives it a little bit of colour and makes it stand out a little bit more
and a little less bland, and that runs through the entire wallet.

So let's take a little look at the features. Here you can see there are three pockets in the front and then if you open the back where the note pocket is you'll see that there is an additional pocket for things like business cards. Hopefully you can make this out, there is a small concealed pocket there with a cover over it for cards that you might want to keep slightly more secure and slightly secret.

A nice addition is that there's also a smaller pocket in the front of this where you can slide in a spare SIM card which is excellent if you're traveling to another country where it's useful to have a sim card to make cheaper calls, you can store that in there.

Let's take a look at the wallet in action; for this example we're going to use 5 cards. A couple of them are embossed and a couple aren't, but that doesn't make too much of a difference with this wallet. So we could slip a card right in the back there; one that you maybe don't use so often, or put it right at the back if it's one that you use for contactless payments. Although be careful with that because it might pick up more than one if they're stored in the wallet.

You can see in the main pocket to the front you can put the cards that you use most often usually one per pocket on this wallet. You could squeeze two into each pocket if you really wanted, but you're going to start bulking it up and stretching the leather a little bit and at first the leather is quite tight here, it's loosened up over the time because, as I say, this wallet has been used for about a year.

As you can see with those card in, it hasn't got too much thicker at all. With these cards, maybe ones you slightly less frequently than others. You can slip them into this the mechanism here which folds around the cards, then you slide the whole thing back into the pocket. The purpose of that is so that you can easily access them; slide them out, slide them back in.

Ok, so let's grab a few notes and see how the wallet works with those. Here I've got Great British Pound notes: £20 £10 and a £5 as you can see there. The beauty of this wallet, and why it was designed, is for those who don't like to have to fold their notes, but like to be able to get to them easily. They slip right in there, no need to fold, you can see them all at the same time and can access the ones you need very easily.

As you can see with all that in it's not added too much bulk to it, obviously it is slightly bigger than before it had them in but it still remains a pretty slim wallet. You may have more cards than this, but because the leather is not particularly thick, it doesn't add as much bulk as other wallets do.

So that is the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet review, a really nice slim leather wallet we think is an excellent option, although is a little on the pricey side, is worth it many.

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