Machine Era Wallet Gets UK Makeover.

Posted on November 02, 2013 by David Bruce

Those of you who saw our post about the Machine Era Co. Wallet may have despaired at the idea of getting the wallet shipped all the way from the states normally takes at least a week. Not to mention the extra charges such as import duties, VAT and handling fees. Well allay your fears because we at Slim Wallet Junkie have found a solution for you in the form of the British Made Kickstarter "SLIM", now available in the Slim Wallet Junkie shop.

The Slim by "Solid Design Consultancy" have faithfully recreated the Machine era wallet in virtually every respect. Both wallets are milled from one solid block of metal. Each offers one in black anodised aluminium and one in unfinished brass.

The wallets both feature machined logos on the rear and even the logo designs are strikingly similar.

However the British made Slim does feature some nifty little improvements. Firstly they offer a third material other than aluminium and Brass. Titanium offers a great alternative to the heavier brass and more scratch prone anodised aluminium.

Also to keep the elastic from coming loose or sliding around a neat solution has been provided by integrating two slots and a channel to seamlessly combine the parts.

With such a faithful recreation of the Machine Era Co. Wallet, albeit with some improvements, individuals may turn their noses up at the "SLIM". However with the Machine Era Co. Wallet finishing its Kickstarter campaign with a whopping $248,253 after an initial goal of $8,000 there is no wonder that "Solid Design Consultancy" jumped on the bandwagon.

We believe that there will be two sets of people out there, those that are excited that such a brilliant idea of a wallet is being designed and sold in the UK, and those who turn their noses up. Although when those that turn their noses up honestly examine their feelings, they will have to admit that they secretly, deep down they wish that they had done the same thing.

The wallet is available in from the Slim Wallet Junkie shop in all 3 varieties: