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Sapling Signature Series Wood Wallets V2

July 30, 2015 0 Comments

Sapling Series Wood Wallet V2

You may remember early last year we featured the new Sapling Aluminium Series that had hit Kickstarter. It was a new range for the company who previously had specialised only in wooden wallets, but wanted to branch out (sorry, couldn't resist that) into other materials. Well, now things have come full circle and Sapling is getting back to its roots (okay, we promise the tree puns stop here) with an updated range of wallets made from various types of wood.

About the Sapling Signature Series Wood Wallets V2

The Sapling series wallets, for those who aren't familiar, is a two panel design - in this case two pieces of wood held in place by a strong woven elastic band. It is a simple but effective design which has proved popular and variations of it have been created by many wallet designers. The Sapling Wallets are aligned horizontally. This is suited better to the North American market and other countries where swipe cards are still in use - whereas most parts of Europe use Chip & Pin, which operates vertically.

So what is new in version 2? Well, the V2 design takes much of what made the original Sapling wallet so successful, and makes a few tweaks to improve on that, based on feedback from original backers, and experience with using the wallet. The first new design aspect is that the wallet has been made just a fraction shorter, meaning the plates are now pretty much exactly the same size as a credit card. This means that the plates now sit flush with the cards, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but makes access to cards simpler and quicker.

Sapling Series Cherry Tree Wood

The other main change is the addition of a notch at the bottom of the wallet. This makes it possible to slide the cards up with a single push of the finger, so cards are instantly and easily accessible.

In addition to changes to the basic design, the V2 comes in a range of different types of wood, each with its own unique style and character. The V2 is available in: Birch, Cherry, Bamboo and Walnut. The Birch, Cherry and Walnut varieties had been available in the previous version, but this is the first time Sapling have offered a Bamboo wallet, so all you Bamboo enthusiasts out there can crack out the party poppers!

Sapling Series Bamboo Wood Wallet

The wallet can comfortably hold between 1-6 cards - a few more at a push. Notes can be stored in a few ways depending on your preference, but the most common way would be to tri-fold them and tuck them under the elastic band, where they will be held securely in place against the wood panel.

As with all Sapling wallets, this new series also comes with name engraving included, adding that personal touch. The laser engraved logo and personalised name gives the wallet a touch of class and individuality - as if having a wooden wallet wasn't already unique enough.

Sapling Signature Series Wood Wallets V2 on Kickstarter

The Sapling Wood Wallets are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, and are already well on the way to becoming a reality. To find out more and to pledge, check out the Sapling Signature Series Wood Wallet V2 Kickstarter Page. You can also check out the process by which the wallet is made in their Kickstarter video below.

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