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Silent Pocket: Off The Grid Wallets

July 29, 2015 4 min read 0 Comments

Silent Pocket Phone Case

RFID protecting wallets are becoming more and more mainstream, as contactless technology becomes increasingly widespread, and the desire to be protected from potential theft and fraud increases. Whilst a few years ago, an RFID protecting wallet would most likely take the form of a bulky and basic metal box for your cards, these days they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials and offer all kinds of unique and useful features. The team at Silent Pocket have embraced this trend, and decided to take the innovation even further with their unique range of leather stealth wallets.

With our modern gadgets and technologies, it seems like we are always connected to something, and most of the time that is great. But what about those times where you have to infiltrate a terrorist sleeper cell and disrupt their dastardly plot to bring down western civilisation, and you need to be untraceable? Or perhaps less likely (obviously), you need to protect your private network or personal/financial information? It's these kind of everyday occurrences where Silent Pocket hopes to help.

About Silent Pocket Wallets

The Silent Pocket range is vast, starting with a simple RFID blocking card holder, all the way up to all-singing, all-dancing tablet and phone sleeves, as seen below, that block just about every signal you can imagine. For obvious reasons, we'll be focusing on the more traditional wallets, rather than the rest of the range - though they are worth touching on briefly, as they are quite different to anything else we've seen before.

Silent Pocket Tablet & Phone Cases

The sleeves are all made from genuine leather, and come in various sizes, designed to hold different models of phones and tablets. These cases aren't just a simple protective shell for your gadgets though, they go further than that. As soon as your device is slipped inside the sleeve, it instantly blocks any signals from reaching it. This means if you don't wish to be disturbed in a meeting, or you don't want your device tracking or broadcasting your location data, it is as simple as putting it inside the sleeve and forgetting about it, with the peace of mind that no signals are coming or going from or to your device. You can check out the full range of sleeves and cases over on the Silent Pocket Kickstarter page.

In terms of the wallets, there are 3 traditional wallets, as well as a passport wallet and a iPhone case wallet. The most simple of these is the basic Card Sleeve, which is the first reward and comes in at only $5. It is a straightforward paper-based card case that has RFID blocking technology built in. It is pretty similar to the Vinco range we covered a few months back. It can hold 1-2 cards, and at $5 it is a bit of a bargain, and is mainly a way for those who support the idea of the project, but can't quite afford the other tiers, to get involved.

Silent Pocket Card Sleeve

The next wallet is the Simple Card Wallet, which is much more of a functional, every-day wallet, but as the name suggests, still keeps things pretty straightforward. As with the whole Silent Pocket range (apart from the Card Sleeve), the Simple Card Wallet is made from genuine top grain leather, in jet black colour. It consists of 3 pockets, a cash slot which is in the center and can hold several folded notes. There are also two pockets on each side which can fit a 1-2 cards each, meaning the total capacity is 8 cards and a few notes, though 4 cards will probably give a better aesthetic and performance. The front pockets feature cutaway designs giving them a bold appearance, but more importantly provide easy access to your cards. The wallet of course features RFID protection, as does the whole Silent Pocket range.

Silent Pocket Simple Leather Card Wallet

The Slim Sleek Wallet comes next, and is akin to a traditional leather bi-fold, but has been designed to stay relatively slim. As with all the Silent Pocket products, the top grain leather has the Silent Pocket logo embossed, but is kept simple and clutter free other than that. Again, there are 4 card slots, as well as a cash section, where notes can be stored unfolded for ease of use. The card slots have again been designed to offer quick and intuitive access to cards, whilst keeping them safe from fraudsters. 

Silent Pocket Slim Sleek Bi-fold Wallet

Moving on from the traditional wallets, we have the Simple Passport Wallet. This is exactly as it says, simple. It features two passport sized pockets and nothing else. perfect for travel when you want to keep your passport and perhaps a few important documents safely secured. Most countries now issue passports with RFID chips in them which are used to store personal information for use in passport control at airports and other travel destinations. This wallet ensures that data remains safe and protected from any would-be identity thieves.

Simple Passport Wallet with RFID Protection

The final wallet option in the range is for the iPhone crowd. This wallet, which fits onto an iPhone 6, features 3 card slots on the inside cover, as well as a slot for your notes behind that. Many people prefer this way of carrying their essentials, so they only need to worry about one thing, rather than phone and wallet separately. This particular case comes with the added bonus of not only blocking RFID signals, of course, but also providing protection from Electromagnetic and cellular radiation, that can be harmful in certain circumstances.

iPhone 6 Card Wallet RFID Protection

Silent Pocket Wallets on Kickstarter

All of these, as well as the rest of the range, are available now from the Silent Pocket Kickstarter Campaign. Head on over there for more information or to pledge. You can also check out their Kickstarter video below.

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