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Dash 4.0: Serious Slim Wallet

June 03, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

 Dash 4.0 Wallet Preview

Dash wallets started life back in January 2013, and was one of the first wallets to start the huge trend of minimalist wallets on Kickstarter. Three hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns later, Dash has grown from a simple idea of designer Steven Elliot's, to a worldwide brand that has sold over 50,000 wallets in 95 countries. Now Dash is back for version 4.0, which redesigns and reinvents some of the ideas from previous versions.

About the Dash 4.0 Wallet

Unlike it's predecessor, the Dash 3.0 (which remains available), this new Dash wallet has moved away from just leather and is made of premium canvas Saffiano leather combined with a super flexible elastic. This is intended to make it even slimmer, and more flexible than previous iterations.


The design of the Dash 4.0 wallet is kept deliberately simple, with no logo or other decorative features present. It simply relies on its striking saffiano leather canvas and distinct quick-draw slot to make it stand out from the crowd. The Dash 4.0 is available in either black or blue, both with subtle matching stitching. 

The main features of the dash 4.0 Wallet are as follows: 

  • Slim, thin design with quickdrawDash 4.0 Wallet in use
  • Durable construction with saffiano canvas
  • Holds cash, international currencies, folded in half
  • Elastic backside can accommodate 1-15 cards
  • Front pocket, shirt pocket or back pocket

One of the main calling cards of the Dash wallet design is the "quick-draw" pocket. This is a pocket for a single card, with a small slot to slide the card out with the thumb, allowing for very easy, quick, one-handed access to your main card. The orientation of this pocket has varied over the version, with the 1.0 being horizontal, and the following two vertically aligned. The 4.0 harks back to the original design, being Horizontal, which is great news for Americans, where the swipe system is still in use as it means cards don't even need to be fully removed from the wallet to be swiped.

Dash 4.0 wallet black

Unfortunately, this is significantly less convenient for users here in Europe, and several other countries where Chip & Pin is the primary card payment method. This doesn't mean it is a write-off by any means, but does make one of the Dash wallets main selling points a little less relevant. The good news though, is that there are plenty of other plus points to get excited about with the Dash 4.0, and there is rumour that a vertical version of the 4.0 may be on the way, but there's nothing solid yet. We'll keep you posted on that one if we hear anything. However, if it's a real deal-breaker, the vertically aligned Dash 3.0 is still available, and we have a review of that coming very shortly (subscribe to our newsletter at the right or bottom of this page to be kept up to date with that, and other slim wallet news).

Dash 4.0 thickness comparison

The materials used in the construction of Dash 4.0 look top notch, and if the examples posted on their Kickstarter Page are anything to go by, this wallet should feel high quality and last a long time. As can be seen from the photos, the minimalist design of the Dash 4.0 Wallet make it super slim, and the flexibility of the elastic pocket means it can hold between 1-15 cards, meaning it will always be flexible enough to accommodate your needs.

The Dash 4.0 Wallet on Kickstarter

Each Dash wallet has been a huge hit on Kickstarter, but this one is set to blow them all out of the water. With around a month left to run, it has already topped $83,000 and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. To find out more or to pledge, visit the Dash 4.0 Wallet Kickstarter page. You can also check out their simple but effective video below.

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