Bronxton Add Three New Wallets To Their Range

June 02, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

Bronxton Wallets full Range

You may remember us writing about a Bronxton wallet a few months ago. They had just launched their second Kickstarter campaign to add a new wallet, The Briber, to their previously Kickstarter funded wallet, the Prospect. Well, now just a few short months later they are adding 3 brand new wallet designs to an already impressive arsenal. If they can keep rolling out the high quality minimalist leather wallets at this rate, they just might take over the wallet world!

About the new Bronxton Wallets

If you remember our previous feature on the Bronxton wallets, you will know we were pretty impressed by the quality, style and the ingenious implementation of RFID protecting technology. Well, it appears that all these have been brought forward into the new additions to the range, with each also adding something slightly different to the table in terms of features.

Each wallet is crafted from top quality full grain Horween Leather. This is what gives each of the wallets it's unique look and character, as it is pure full grain leather that hasn't been polished, sanded or buffed, it's just proper full bodied "real man's" leather! There is a good run through of exactly what this all means and how it is done in the Kickstarter page description. Each wallet is available in black or brown leather, and all but "The Entry" have a choice of stitching colour too, with black or red for the black leather, and brown or tan for the brown leather. Each wallet can also be custom engraved for an extra $10, giving the option of a personalised wallet.

The Bronxton Entry Wallet

Let's take a look at the new wallet designs then. The first new wallet is called The Entry, and is a pretty straightforward card case. It doesn't so anything too fancy, but looks like it does what it's designed for well. It is intended to be both minimalist and affordable, but still with the high quality materials as touched on. Unlike the other two wallets, this one is not hand stitched, but machine stitched, which helps keep it affordable. It also is not available in an RFID protected version, which the other two are. It has two card pockets, one on either side, and a central cash slot for folded notes. All in all it can hold 6 cards, and about 6 notes.

The Bronxton Main Street Wallet

The second new addition is The Main Street. This takes the high quality leather base, and adds an expanding elastic slot to allows it to stretch or contract to suit the amount of cards you need on any given occasion. This elastic pocket can hold between 1-10 cards, making this an incredibly flexible wallet. There are also 3 pockets in the leather itself, each holding up to 3 cards or some folded notes, meaning this wallet can hold more cards than you can (or should) ever need, but thanks to the innovative elastic, is flexible enough to still be very minimalist when necessary.

The Bronxton Tri-Fold Wallet Bronxton Tr-Fold Wallet open

The final new addition is The Tri-Fold, which as the name might suggest, is a traditional tri-fold wallet, but has some modern twists. It contains a handy ID slot, as well as four card pockets, each with room for up to 3 cards. Again, if you can't fit all you need to carry in this wallet, you need to take a long hard look at yourself and ditch some pocket junk! The final twist in this wallet is the signature Bronxton Cash strap, which holds up 12 notes, folded in half. As with The Main Street, RFID protection is an optional extra, and something Bronxton applies to their wallets very well, as shown in their video demonstration.

 The New Bronxton Wallets on Kickstarter

Though they've been on our radar for a little while, we're a little bit late to this particular party, so there is not long at all left if you want to get hold of one of these. They have already been hugely successful though, massively exceeding the original funding target. To find out more, or to pledge, visit the Bronxton Wallets Kickstarter Page, or you can check out their pleasantly jaunty video below.

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