Range: Minimalist Leather Wallets

Posted on March 06, 2015 by David Bruce

Range Leather Company

There seems to be something about being based in the foothills of the rugged rocky mountains that inspires proper, good old fashioned leather crafting. Spokane, Washington based Range Leather Company are the latest to give credence to this fine tradition. By taking a look at their logo above, backed by those stunning rockies, the penchant for fine leather crafting all just seems to make a lot of sense somehow.

Range have just this week launched a kickstarter campaign to raise funding for a new minimalist leather wallet. The Range Wallet is already off to a great start, having already surpassed 50% funding in just a couple of days.

About Range Wallets

Range Leather Company’s minimalist wallets are designed to be functional, accessible and durable, promising to "wear in, not out". Crafted from fine Horween leather, Range wallets are hand cut, stitched, beveled, and burnished in the USA.

Range Mens and Womens Wallet

The Range is available in both a mens and womens variety, as shown above. The mens wallet is a is a straightforward design that is easy to navigate, featuring a horizontal card slot on one side, and a vertical slot on the other, with an optional cash slit, whereas the womens wallet features additional pockets, a money pouch, cover and clasp.

Mens range leather wallet Womens range leather wallet

The men's minimalist holds between 3-5 cards and measures approximately 4 in x 2.5 in x 1/3 in when filled with 4 cards. The women's version holds between 3-7 cards and measures approximately 4 in x 3.5 in x 1/2 in when filled with 5 cards.

The Range on Kickstarter

Range Leather Company are offering some pretty good early bird deals on their Kickstarter page, and even a his and hers option... too early to be thinking about Christmas presents...?

To find out more or to pledge, visit The Range Minimalist Wallet Kickstarter page, or check out their video below: