Agatoni Wallet

Posted on March 09, 2015 by David Bruce

Agatoni Wallet and phone stand

Recently, we've seen a few wallets that take a simple, slide-in metal design, but add a few useful twists to it. The Agatoni Wallet, designed in Britain, is another of these, but has one feature that really makes it stand out from the crowd for me, and the reason we're featuring it.

About the Agatoni Wallet

Agatoni in use

The Agatoni is made from a single piece of high-grade stainless steel. That's pretty much it as far as the design of it goes, and that simple approach gives it a stylish, minimalist appeal. Coupled with the attractive logo embossed into the steel, this becomes a good looking wallet.

The wallet can hold up to 10 cards, which simply slide into the open faced side. In an interesting design feature, notes can also be folded and slid into the wallet in the same way as cards are. It's not often we've seen notes able to slide in the same way cards do to a wallet like this.


The wallet has a couple of little extra features which I hinted at earlier. These come in the form of it being able to be used both as a bottle opener and phone/tablet stand. This is bound to come in handy at various points, and you should be able to feel like a bit of a legend pulling it out to impress your mates when everyone forgot to bring a bottle opener to the beach.

Agatoni coin pocket

As I said though, there have been a few wallets that have offered this recently, but what really made the Agatoni stand out to me is the little secret pocket that is an optional inclusion to go under the cards. As shown above, this 4mm deep and moulded from ABS plastic that slides in and out. This can hold keys, coins or other small items. It is in many ways similar to the Cardslide by SECRID just without the Cardprotector, and integrated inside the wallets main body instead.

Agatoni with pocket survival kit

Agatoni Wallet on Kickstarter

The Agatoni is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and is incredibly good value at just £9. After having a chat with the designer, Tom, he told me that there would be a couple of exciting new features announced on the Kickstarter page in the next couple of days. He has let me in on what they were - I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I will tell you they should be worth keeping an eye on.

To find out more and to pledge, visit the Agatoni Wallet Kickstarter page, or check out the video below.