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BRONXTON Minimalist Horween Leather Wallets

February 14, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

Bronxton Authentic Goods logo

This Kickstarter wallet really caught our eye. That Bronxton logo is a work of art in itself, and when we saw it embossed onto a premium Horween Leather slim profile wallet; well it was just about all we could do to not kiss the computer screen.

Bronxton Briber Wallet Embossed logo

The Briber wallet by Bronxton is currently in its final few days of Kickstarter funding, and has already reached over 300% funding. 

Latest: Bronxton Add Three New Wallets to Their Range

About Bronxton Designs

When explaining how Bronxton came into being, Dan Dapper, who must have one of the greatest ever names for a fashion company founder, said: "We just couldn't find any companies out there that would take care of all man’s needs, some take care of our grooming, some just our wallets, some care how we smell… so we thought, why not put it all together and complete a full circle?  That’s how Bronxton Designs was created!"

Based in the beautiful ski-resort setting of Park City, Utah, Bronxton already have several product lines consisting of roll-up leather cases, a cologne and their original wallet: The Prospect (pictured to the right). This new wallet, 'The Briber', looks to build upon those successes as they further diversify and look to fulfill their mission of catering for all of a man's style needs.

About The Briber Wallet

After great success with previous projects and listening to what their customers wanted, it became clear that there was a demand for a wallet that had the great minimalistic style and slimness of The Prospect wallet, but could fit more than 8 cards. The Briber was Bronxton's answer to this.

The Briber is a minimalistic bi-fold wallet made in vintage Americana style. Even at full capacity, The Briber looks to maintain it's slim profile well.


  1. Full-Grain Horween Leather
  2. Bi-fold
  3. 4 pockets (each pocket stores up to 4 cards, that is a total of 16 cards per wallet)
  4. ID Slot (stores up to 2 IDs)
  5. Signature Cash strap (stores up to 12 bills folded in half )
  6. Optional RFID Protection

The designers say it is perfectly possible to cram more stated above in, but to enjoy the true slim ideal of the wallet, this is the optimum recommendation.

There is also a key-holder variation, where instead of the ID slot feature, there is a key pouch built into the wallet which can hold up to 3 individual keys. 

The wallet comes in several options, combining different stitching with either the Black or Brown Horween Leather. The black on red is my personal favourite - in my opinion this is one of the most stylish slim leather wallets I can remember seeing for some time.

The optional RFID protection comes at an additional cost, but my word for a leather wallet they seem to have nailed the RFID feature. Check out this video below and sit back with gaping awe at what we can only assume is pure magic at work.

Witchcraft, right!? Well however they're doing it, it's working a charm and it is nice to see a proper, old fashioned, vintage leather wallet incorporate this technology without compromising on style or size.

For more information about the Bronxton Design Briber Wallet or to pledge, visit The Briber Wallet Kickstarter, or watch the video below.

UPDATE (06/06/15): You may also be interested in checking out Bronxtons latest wallet project.

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