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RC Fibers D15 Wallet Review

January 26, 2015 5 min read 0 Comments

RC Fibers D15 Wallet brown with twill

We recently got our hands on the RC Fibers D15 Wallet. Described by RC Fibers as "the firm handshake of money clips", we figuratively reached out our hands, locked eyes with the mighty D15 and squeezed like our 16 year-old selves trying to impress our first boss... After measuring it up man to, well, wallet... here's the review:

You can also check out the video review of RC Fibers D15 Wallet at the bottom of this review.


The D15 Wallet is the next step on in the progression from the Hybrid wallet, which we reviewed last week. It again reflects the core RC Fibers product by building a functional slim card holding wallet around the premise of the carbon fiber money clip.

The D15 comes with several options, so is highly customisable. First there is the choice of 3 wallet colours: Black, Grey and Brown. Then there are 4 different options of design patterns for the carbon fiber clip, which fits around the wallet to hold notes.



We got to try out both the black and brown versions of the card carrying wallets, and were impressed with both. The wallets themselves are made from faux leather, but it looks and feels good quality (I actually had to double check with the designers to be sure). The stitching and finish on them is quality, and we can find no real complaints here. Some may be disappointed by the lack of a geniune leather option, but faux leather does come with it's own advantages as well.

The money clips are all made of premium carbon fiber, which is an extremely durable material, used in high end vehicles such as aircraft and racing cars. It is valued for it's light yet durable properties and has an appealing, almost glass-like, feel. The money clip on the D15 is much larger than the Hybrid - though like the slim money clip on the hybrid, this "Classic RC money clip" is also available to buy seperately.


RC Fibers D15 black with pound notes and cardsThe design of the RC Fibers D15 wallet is simple yet unique. The wallet itself is plain, with the stitching blending into the colour of the wallet and no logo or other embossment present. It simply focuses on a plain, minimalist appeal that is then complemented by the slightly more unusual carbon fiber money clip. We don't recall any other wallets that have this combination of carbon fiber money clip around a traditional leather card wallet.


The D15 wallet has 4 card pockets, 3 on the front, and 1 on the back. One of these is an easy access 'cut-away' style pocket that you can use for your one or two most frequently used cards. The other 3 are standard slip in and out straight edge pockets. 

In total, each of these pockets can comfortably hold one or two cards, giving a total capacity of up to 8 cards - though if you need more, you could always slide them into the money clip. Perhaps not ideal, but definitely allows some flexibility when more cards are called for.

There is also a pocket in the middle of the wallet (between the seams at the right hand end in the above picture). I made the mistake of trying to fit a card in here and spent the next 30 seconds struggling to fish it out - not advised! However, it will make a convenient pocket for things you infrequently use but want to have just in case, such as a couple of business cards, a slip of paper with important info on - that type of thing.

The money clip then holds as many notes as you like, and slips around the wallet, holding the notes in place against it. The clip could also be used on its own if you decide to travel light on occasion.


We haven't road tested the D15 for long, so we can't say with any real definitiveness, but there are no glaring weaknesses in the design that would suggest there will be any long term problems outside of usually wear and tear over the passage of time. The wallet seems solidly built, and has held up perfectly under admittedly limited use thus far.

RC Fibers provide a 5 year delamination warranty on all their money clips , so that should give you an idea of the confidence they have in their product.

Ease of use

This wallet is simple and easy to use. It doesn't have any particularly unusual of fancy features, so you're unlikely to find yourself in an embarrassing mess at the checkout (you'd be surprised how many wallets can be guilty of that). Cards are easily accessible, particularly when stored in the front 'cut-away' pocket. I did find the other pockets slightly tight, but nothing outside the ordinary for a brand new wallet, and these would quickly become easier with use. 

I have already mentioned that I found the middle pocket a little fiddly, but this is one you won't find yourself using often at all. There is a slight problem having the money clip around the wallet, as it can on occasion obscure a card, or make it difficult to slide in or out. The money clip is easy to slide off if needed though so this is not a big problem.

RC Fibers D15 Wallet Brown with pound notes (GBP)

Cash can easily be slid out from the money clip, though you will need to be careful if trying it whilst still around the wallet, as you could end up either tearing it, or displacing your wad of notes all over the floor. Pulling the clip off the wallet is probably your safest bet. This means it is not the easiest wallet we've ever used in terms of access, but with a bit of use it is easy to get the hang of.

Pound notes fit surprisingly well considering this was designed with dollars in mind. As you can see above, a £10 fits beautifully. You will find twenties slightly overlap the wallet, but this can be easily combated by folding them twice and slipping them in on one side of the wallet, rather than folding around as I have done above - that would be the preference of many people anyway.


RC Fiber D15 Wallet top view - slim!

The D15 is impressively slim for the functionality it has. When loaded with a few cards and notes it barely increases in size. The picture above has it holding 5 cards and 3 GBP notes. It is perhaps a slightly longer wallet than some may be used to, as it does not fold over at all, but is comfortably shorter than your average phone.

I was slightly worried about the way the clip protrudes slightly from the wallet due to its design. However, I was surprised to find that once in my pocket I never even felt it.

RFID Protection

Yes, but limited. The carbon fiber clip does block RFID signals effectively. However, as this does not cover the whole wallet, it will take some strategic placement to ensure your contactless cards are covered in the right places. 


At $60 (just under £40 at the time of writing) this is not a budget wallet. Neither is it a high end option. So as far as mid-market wallet goes we're fairly impressed with the value offered by the D15, especially considering the clip alone sells for about $30. Unfortunately on this side of the atlantic we will have to factor in an additional $10 postage as there are no UK/EU distributors currently (get in touch or comment if you think we should look to change this - if there's enough demand maybe we could address this).


The RC Fibers D15 Wallet is unique to anything else we've seen before. It combines a sleek money clip with a proper leather wallet, and does it in a way that doesn't feel like a gimmick. The D15 delivers something that looks sharp and unique without unnecessary bulk. For anyone looking for a slim, eye catching but stylish variation on a traditional leather wallet, the D15 represents an excellent option.

RC Fibers Video Review

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