The Key is in The Wallet

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Harry Jest

“The Key Is In The Wallet – No, Literally.” Or at least that's the tagline Melbourne, Australia-based innovators at Liquid have stamped on their brand new Kickstarter campaign, which seeks to bring the Liquid Wallet from a sleek prototype to mass production.


The wallet itself, which measures just 94 x 59.5 x 14mm is a little thicker than we would normally like however since it is a wallet and keys in one the extra thickness is more than offset by the lack of keys jangling around in your pocket.

It is made of a hard anodized aluminum and features four adjustable screws that allow the user to attach keys to the body of the wallet itself. The keys easily fold out for use, and back in for storage – how loose or tight the screws are, and by extension how easily the keys swing out, is easily adjusted by the user. The rest of the Liquid Wallet functions as a low profile minimalist wallet, with an easy-use band for keeping cash, cards, and other essentials secure and on hand.

The first Liquid Wallet prototype was developed by a team of five Australian entrepreneurs as part of a timed teambuilding event. The idea was slowly developed over a six month period of creation, revision, and testing into the Liquid Wallet as it stands today. The team said they just didn't get why the keys and the wallet, two things most of us use every day, had never been paired up before.

“When you think about the things we grab every morning, the items we need to keep track of to get us through our day, it really just makes sense, intuitively, that someone would put something like this together,” says Liquid's business strategies and marketing director, Peter Mai, “and we just decided we'd be the ones to do it.”

The Liquid Wallet comes in two colors, Liquid Black and Military Green, and is completely resistant to scratches and blemishes thanks to the hard anodized coating.

“During our early prototypes we noticed that the typical aluminum wallets got scratched from keys and other things in our pockets, so we decided to use a method called hard anodizing, which makes the wallet stronger and resistant to scratches,” says product designer, Quinn Nguyen.

Watch their video bellow for more information.


Alternatively anyone interested in learning more or backing the project should take a look at the official Liquid Wallet Kickstarter page, at