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Review: New Kickstarter Release

June 04, 2018 0 Comments

Recently, we’ve noticed that more and more Kickstarter and crowdfunding projects are popping up in the slim wallet world, and of course, we’re thrilled to see so many new developments. Not only are product developers finding innovative ways to produce slimmer wallets that take on the pocket bulge but, they are crafted from sustainable resources which make them great for the environment. 

Recently, we came across another slim, minimalist wallet which can hold coins, cards, keys and cash and we love it! 

Produced by Ed Charly, this is the second Kickstarter project for a new wallet. Since releasing the ‘Ed’, the product developers have been on a mission to continually re-design our everyday carry and find something that holds all the necessary items without making it too bulky. 

The Features: 

-    A slim coin compartment used to store coins, keys or a USB

-    A card slot 

-    A quick access slot for your contact-less or travel card 

-    A loop for your keys 

-    A cash slot for notes/bills 

-    RFID blocking 

Weighing just 30g, which is the equivalent of a weight of a CD (so virtually nothing!), this wallet is available in full grain leather or crazy horse leather. Each unique leather material is high grade, durable, scratch and water resistant. 

Why We Love It: 

We love quite a few things about this new release! Firstly, the easy access slot for your travel card is perfect for locating your most used card without the need to fumble in your wallet for the right one (that's less time spent holding up the queue at the tube gate). 

Card Slot Wallet

We also love the design of the slim coin compartment, simply slot and drop your coins into the wallet for less bulge and more productivity.

Coin Slot Wallet

Want to back the project? Find out more here.

We’re big supporters of slim wallet Kickstarter projects, shop these popular designs on our website; Loft of Cambie and Trove

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