New SECRID Spring Summer Range

February 27, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

Celebrating 10 years since SECRID launched their revolutionary Cardprotector in 2009, the Dutch brand has always strived for a business that encompasses three key values; great care for quality, people and the environment because SECRID believes that; a 'better world starts in your pocket'. 

Marking their 10 year anniversary, SECRID has now launched a new line of products with a key focus on sustainability. 


Secrid Yard

A technical replacement for leather so they are vegan, Secrid have created these using a microfibre engineered replacement for leather. The Yard range of wallets are unique to touch, durable and bright. These wallets are produced in Germany meeting the highest environmental standards and assembled in Holland. Available in the classic Slimwallet style or in the press stud closure, the Miniwallet. 

The Slimwallet Yard - Black or Green £49

The Miniwallet Yard - Black, Green, Lime, Orange, Rose £49



Secrid Powder

An individual new take on the Cardprotector! These wallets feature brightly coloured mechanisms making them eye-catching designs. These wallets are created using previously unusable materials of the manufacturing process representing another step towards a zero-waste supply chain. Each wallet features a new powder-coating technique that upcycles minuscule scratches on the aluminium to create minimal wallets. 

The Cardprotector Powder - Nightblue £31

The Cardprotector Powder - Moss £31 

The Cardprotector Powder - Concrete £31


New Classic Designs 

Secrid Basket

Not only have SECRID outdone themselves in incorporating more vegan and sustainable options to their Spring Summer range, but this new season sees more classic designs with a twist. Here are some of our favourites: 

Miniwallet - Basket Brown £54 

Miniwallet Cleo Ochre - Brown £60 

Miniwallet Metallic - Green £54 

Miniwallet Crisple - Red £54

Miniwallet Crisple - Pink £54

Miniwallet Crisple - Light Green £54

Slimwallet Veg Tanned - Espresso Brown £54.95 

Slimwallet Veg Tanned - Navy Silver £54.95 

Slimwallet Optical Black - Titanium £50 

Twinwallet - Metallic Rose £74 

Detailed Updates

Secrid Stitch linea

Attention to detail has always been important to SECRID, and their new Stitch collection features detailed embroidery, quality leather and craftsmanship. 

Miniwallet Matte Stitch Linea - Lime £54 

Miniwallet Matte Stitch Linea - Orange £54

Miniwallet Stitch Linea - Black £69.95

Slimwallet Matte Stitch Linea - Lime £54 

Slimwallet Stitch Linea - Orange £69.95

Slimwallet Stitch Linea - Black £69.95



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