How To Get Father's Day Spot On!

June 12, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Dads can be so difficult to buy for... aftershave - check, golf socks - check, books - check! What else can you buy them that you haven't already bought so many times over?

Enter the minimalist wallet! We've selected our favourites that we think would make fantastic unique gifts!


For the budget conscious that want to deliver a gift that's spot on but doesn't break the bank, we recommend these options:

 iPhone Walter Wallet £14

iPhone walter wallet

Literally, a Walter Wallet on your phone! We think this is the perfect 2 in 1 gift - a minimalist phone wallet that can carry up to 3 cards plus giving you easy access to your most used card.  


Reza Leather Wallet £15

Reza leather

A cross between the classic leather wallet and a slim minimalist wallet, the A Slim Reza is simple and quirky. 


If you have a little extra to spend, then we recommend you spend it well. Check out this selection of wallets: 

Trove Reflex £20

Trove Reflex

Available in a few colour choices including fluoro green, yellow and orange as well as grey, navy blue and black - the Trove Reflex is not only a vegan-friendly wallet but it has three compartments and the ability to store up to 10 cards.


Secrid Card Protector £24

Secrid card protector

For the classic dad when only award-winning will do, the Secrid cardholder gets it right every time! Available in a host of colours, this wallet is made of solid aluminium and holds up to 6 cards. Plus, the wallet is RFID anti-skimming to protect your cards.


Walter Wallet £29

Walter wallet

The team at Walter Wallet adopted the same precision cutting technique used to produce high-end laptops to create their range of durable wallets. For the dad that likes to carry just a few cards, opt for the super thin 4 card wallet. If he likes to carry a few more, the 7 card option is a great choice. 


Haven't got a budget in mind? If you don't mind spending a little more, these are the top-end wallets to gift:

Trove £30

Trove Aurora

Available in quite possibly the biggest array of colour choices we have ever seen, the Trove wallet is the perfect minimalist slim wallet that delivers everything it should! Space for cash, cards, notes, a key... this is the wallet for anyone. 


Garzini Essenziale £34.95


This Garzini wallet is the ultimate slim leather card holder. The clever "magic wallet" note storage system makes this stand out from the crowd and it holds up to 16 cards in secure anti-slip card slots.  What's more, this great wallet is handcrafted from genuine leather.


Secrid Slimwallet £45

Secrid slim wallet

Secrid has achieved it all with this original wallet, whilst still keeping it super stylish. This slim wallet is both a compact and secure wallet. In addition to the cards in the Cardprotector, the top quality leather interior offers space for a few more cards, paper money, receipts, and business cards. 

Want to find a Secrid alternative that's perfect for dad in his favourite colour, style or design? We recommend checking out these best-sellers here

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