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Snapback Slim Deluxe Leather Wallet

June 27, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

Snapback Slim Deluxe Leather Wallets

Snapback is one of the mainstays of the minimalist wallet world. Created by Florida based designer Nick Augeri, the original Snapback Slim hit Kickstarter back in 2013 and was part of the early elastic wallet craze that seemed to sweep the crowdfunding world. The Snapback Slim was simple, pretty much just two woven elastic bands stitched together to create a very minimalist wallet. It was effective though, and unlike many of the elastic wallet pretenders, it delivered a quality product on time.

A year later and the Snapback Slim 2.0 was launched, and fittingly was around about twice as successful in terms of Kickstarter backers and funding. This tweaked the original in terms of style and design to add a few features and improve on some areas, but still stayed pretty true to the roots of its predecessor.

Now, jump forward another year, and the Snapback team are bringing us something totally new in the Snapback Slim Deluxe Wallet. Building upon their ethos of simple, elegant minimal wallets, they have branched out into the world of leather to create a totally new product line.

About the Snapback Slim Deluxe Wallet

Snapback have proved they know their way around a wallet, and have built up a reputation for delivering on Kickstarter, so a leather wallet seems like the logical step. The Snapback Slim Deluxe comes in two varieties, The Sleeve and the Bi-Fold. Both are hand-crafted in the USA from premium Italian leather.

Snapback Deluxe Slim Sleeve Leather Wallet

The Snapback Slim Deluxe Sleeve is the slimmest and most minimalist of the two as you might expect. It takes the form of a fairly standard Card Holder, but relies on the quality and finish to set it apart from the crowd. It has two quick access pockets on the front side, as well as one storage pocket in the center, leaving the back totally clean. The main features of the Sleeve are:

  • Holds up to eight (8) cards and two (2) bills
  • Two (2) horizontal quick access card slots on the front
  • Center section to hold additional cards and cash
  • Quality thread and stitching to ensure durability
  • Edge finish to protect leather and stitching
  • Hand-crafted in the US from Premium Italian Leather

Just because the Sleeve is the slimmest, doesn't mean it is having all the fun though. The Snapback Slim Deluxe Bi-Fold has plenty to shout about too. Because of the quality of the leather allowing it to be cut thin, and the design cutting back on the number of pockets or bulking out features, this becomes a very respectably sized Bi-Fold indeed.

Snapback Slim Deluxe Bi-Fold Leather Wallet

The outside of the Bi-Fold is left clear, whilst inside there are two vertical pockets on the right hand side, as well as an elastic cash strap on the left. Behind each of these is a hidden pocket for extra card storage. Dollar notes fit in the cash strap folded once, but judging by the snug fit, we would guess anything bigger, such as pounds would need to be folded again. The main features of the Bi-Fold are:

  • Holds up to ten (10) cards and five (5) bills
  • Two (2) vertical quick access card slots on the right
  • Elastic strap to hold cash on the left
  • Two (2) hidden card slots to hold additional cards
  • Quality thread and stitching to ensure durability
  • Edge finish to protect leather and stitching
  • Hand-crafted in the US from Premium Italian Leather


Both styles are available in a choice of black or brown leather. The design of both wallets fits the minimalist ethos, with very little going on apart from the leather itself and a subtle matching stitch running all the way around. The only other feature is the simple and subtle, yet appealing Snapback slash emblem embossed onto the front.

Snapback Slim Deluxe Wallets on Kickstarter

At the time of writing, Snapback are just a few wallets away from reaching funding, with 3 weeks still left to run on the campaign, so things are looking good for this to go ahead. To find out more or to pledge, visit the Snapback Slim Deluxe Wallet Kickstarter Page, or check out their video below.


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