Made Lovingly Made Wooden wallet

Posted on January 10, 2014 by David Bruce

Recently I have stumbled across a new treasure trove of individually styled, unique wallets. "Not on the high street" is a collection of over 3000 small creative businesses each with their unique and often hand made products.

Made Lovingly Made is one of the above mentioned businesses. One of their products (The Wooden Wallet) is a wallet that reminded me of the Machine Era wallet and the Slim by Solid Design Consultancy. The main difference is that they have a version that is made from solid walnut wood and secured by up-cycled tyre rubber.


Each wallet has the 'MAN GUN BEAR' logo engraved and is designed and made in the UK. 

The dimension of the wallets are approx. 6cm x 9cm x 0.8cm and it can comfortably hold 4 x cards and notes.

Stay tuned for more finds from Not on the high street.