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Solid Design Studio Wallet
About Solid Design

Manchester based Product Design Company, SolidDesign Consultancy, specialise in Product Design, Idea Development and Strategy for both Consumer Product and Engineering applications.

SolidDesign's studio creates iconic, disruptive, brand-building products and experiences that connect emotionally with users. We are a top collective of multi-disciplinary talent consistently delivering new products and brands that translate into sustainable market successes regardless of category or industry.

The Slim Wallet

SLIM is one of their latest projects, it is a minimal wallet machined from a single block of metal. They used a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch the wallet, raising £7,500 to help fund manufacture and the release of the product.

SLIM is a sleek, lightweight, precision machined wallet designed to hold up to six cards plus bank notes. Machined to high tolerances from a solid block of Brass, Aluminium 6061 or Titanium. With a durable, long-life, elastic strap intertwined within the wallet, it cannot come loose or be lost. The elastic strap design produces a dual layered strap, allowing banknotes to be strapped securely in place on their own in the smaller inner section.

Slim Wallet variations

The Slim Wallet comes in three precision machined metal variations:

  • Aluminium - Ultra light weight and sleek, machined from high grade Aluminum 6061. It is also fine bead blasted and anodised matte black.
  • Brass - Machined to high tolerance and finished with a fine bead blasting. Designed to age naturally, achieving a patina look.
  • Titanium - For those who crave the absolute best, we decided to create a Titanium version. It combines the best features, strong as steel and as light as aluminium, Creating a one of a kind SLIM wallet.
  • Precision machined from a choice of 3 metals.
  • Designed so that the strap is not detachable and has a dual strap design.
  • The dual strap design allows for notes to be strapped in place on their own in the inner strap.
  • SLIM can hold up to 6 cards plus a selection of bank notes.
  • Weight and size is significantly reduced compared to standard wallets, resulting in a wallet that is barely noticeable.

All three Slim Wallet variations are available to purchase from our Shop.

Slim Wallet variations