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About HuMn

After a decade in the finance industry Ken and his business partner Scott decided to tackle a problem that was dear to their hearts. After years of tying out various wallet solutions, from the cheap to the extremely expensive they realised that they were not going to find a wallet that would meet all of their requirements. They were searching for a wallet that would:

  1. Be lightweight
  2. Protect against RFID skimming
  3. Be designed for the front pocket for safety
  4. Adapt to the user’s preferences
  5. Work for right and left handed people
  6. Be low profile
  7. Be minimally designed
  8. Handle any climate and environment
  9. Never wear out
  10. Allow easy access to cash, credit and business cards
  11. Not turn into just another portable receipt holder
  12. Not be limited to a fixed number of cards you could carry

Having failed find a wallet which lived up to their expectations the pair decided to do something about it marking the beginning of the HuMn and their wallets. After two extremely successful Kickstarter projects, Scott Hussa (Hu) and Ken Minn (Mn), who together form HuMn continue to grow their brand at a meteoric rate.

The HuMn Wallet Mini 

The HuMn Wallet Mini is a modern minimalist wallet system that blocks RFID signals yet allows users to express their individuality. It is simple, slim and purely HuMn.

Traditional bi-fold and tri-fold wallets really haven’t changed all that much since they were first introduced in the late 17th century (which is pretty freaking long ago). For something that’s supposed to securely hold your ID’s, credit cards, and cash, these traditional wallets are not designed with an active 21st century person in mind.

This wallet is made of aircraft grade aluminum and powder coated to a buttery finish, the HuMn Wallet Mini will easily outlast most leather and fabric type wallets. Even better, as the HuMn Wallet: Mini is used over time; it will pick up “battle scars” adding character to your HuMn Wallet and making it uniquely yours - because it's those little differences that make every human unique.

In the event that you are craving a new look you can always freshen up with a single plate of a different colour or a new shock strap, all available from our store.

Also since the HuMn Wallet: Mini is made of aluminium it’s also 100% recyclable.