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BASICS Wallet Colours UK

BASICS was founded in the summer of 2014 by cousins Jacob Durham and Jon Richards, but its beginnings can be traced back to summers in Montana when they were kids. Each summer they explored something new, but they never stopped creating: zip lines, forts in the forest, homemade movies, just to name a few.

BASICS Wallet LogoThey have always had a creative bug in them, so they decided to share what they were creating with the world by launching their first product on Kickstarter: the BASICS Wallet! With an original goal of $10,000 they successfully raised over $170,000 on Kickstarter and were pleasantly surprised by their wallet’s booming success. Jacob and Jon hope to offer additional products soon that will help people simplify their lives and get back to the BASICS with style.

The main idea of theBasics Wallet is to be a slim but stylish design that offers easy access to four of your main cards. It achieves this by using a simple lever mechanism that fans cards out with one simple movement.