Paperwallet Classic - Peace Camo


Nowartt fuses a modern digi-camo print with birds of peace for classic design. The colors are a perfect understated camo that makes this product perfect for everyday.

the classic is a sewn wallet made from Tyvek®.

Like all Paperwallet accessories, the Classic Wallet is thin and comfortable and available in a range of artist inspired and collaborated designs.

Fits all major currencies and measures 10.3W x 8.5H / Closed

Like all paperwallet accessories you can expect the highest quality from Nowartt’s paperwallet. This Tyvek® wallet is paper-thin, durable, comfortable, expandable, tear-resistant, water proof, and long lasting. The paper wallet design has 2 credit card slots, 2 business card flaps, 2 side pockets and a cash compartment. There is no compromise in functionality here.


Incredibly thin hand Sewn Tyvek® wallet.

6 Card Slots

2 Inside large pockets

Expands with use

Fits up to 18 Cards, with place for business cards and misc.

Recyclable and made in part from 100% recycled material.

Your life, your wallet.

About the Artist

Nowartt is a textile / graphic label designed by art director and designer Toyoki Adachi. Heritage and modern arts are sensitively mixed together. nowartt stands for; - now art textile = timeless modern art - / - no war textile = peaceful art