Paperwallet Card Holder - Brooklyner


Philippe Intraligi is a master of his art, whether using his enormous talent designing Adidas originals or creating brand identity for some of the brands we all know and love. Intraligi created this colorful pattern for the card holder with beauty in its simplicity.

Paperwallet Cardholder is designed to simplify your wallet to hold what you need most.

The side pockets create even more space and easy access for to your travel card or coffee stamp.

Like all paperwallet accessories you can expect the highest quality from Intraligi’s paperwallet. This Tyvek® wallet is paper-thin, durable, comfortable, expandable, tear-resistant, water proof, and long lasting. The paper wallet design has 2 credit card slots, 2 business card flaps, 2 side pockets and a cash compartment. There is no compromise in functionality here.


  • Impossibly Thin – 3 millimeters
  • Credit Cards - Holds up to 6 credit cards (3 on each side)
  • Card Flaps: Conveniently holds different sized cards
  • Easy Access Side Pockets: Perfect for quickly grabbing the metro card
  • Recyclable: Tyvek® is 100% recyclable and made in part from post consumer recycled material
About the Artist

Philippe Intraligi is an artist specializing in a wide range of disciplines - branding, fashion, graphic design and illustration. Multilingual and multifaceted, his creative imagery and precise design has led to close relationships with renowned clients around the globe.