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iMOSSi N2 Metal Wallet - Gold

Machined from a single piece of toughened aluminium - uniform cut with precise, symmetrical edges - the iMOSSi N2 wallet stands out for its sophisticated style and effortless simplicity. The centre of the iMOSSi N2 is the aluminium core which allows up to 5 cards to be stored on each side (a total of 10 cards). Cards are securely held by the customisable elastic band, which allows them to be quickly fanned and removed for easy access.

  • Stores up to 10 cards, plus folded banknotes.
  • Slim, minimalist design
  • Made from high-grade toughened aluminium for durability
  • Protects your cards from RFID fraud
  • Key loop for attaching a keyring.
  • Prevents card clash
  • Customisable straps
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes in a beautiful display gift box, perfect for gift purchases.
  • Dimensions: 10cm x 6.8cm x 1.2cm - this will remain the same with up to 10 cards, as 5 cards on each side align with the bottom lip.

Each N2 comes with a black strap as standard. Extra straps can be purchased here to allow you customise your wallet as and when you feel. It feels like having a whole new wallet whenever you want!