HuMn Wallet Mini Panel


How to design your own personalised wallet 

Step 1 - Choose and add Two "Panels" to your cart

Step 2 - Choose and add a "Shock Strap" to your cart

Step 3 - Once your HuMn Wallet bundle is complete, click on your shopping cart up in the top right corner and proceed to checkout.

The HuMn Wallet panel is where to get started creating your very own personalised HuMn Wallet Mini Bundle and is how you begin building your unique wallet.

The HuMn Wallet MINI is about the size of a credit card, the Mini Wallet is functional, stylish and minimal. The reversible and identical front and rear plates are made using aircraft grade aluminium and laser engraved with the HuMn logo. The shock strap is constructed with industrial elastic and a steel fastener. When you order a full wallet (Front panel, Rear Panel & Shock strap) your wallet will come with a complimentary black micro-fibre pouch as shown here.