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Meet the Versaflex system by Garzini: engineered to perfection to deliver you an all new wallet experience.


Save time

save time with GarziniThe Versaflex system puts money away for you. The quickest way to store notes securely. Reach faster for those notes or cards you're looking for. Simply choose which side you open the wallet or use the quick access anti-slip card slots.

Reduce the size of your wallet

reduce the size of your wallet

The system makes it possible to reduce the use of compartments, resulting in a thinner wallet for you.

To store your money away you fold your notes once, just like a normal bifold wallet. This way your notes don't get damaged or rejected at shops and you maintain a clear overview of the contents of your wallet.

Be secure

Versaflex GarziniAll Garzini wallets are designed to keep your money safely locked no matter what adventure you get yourself into. The straps are specifically engineered so aesthetics goes hand in hand with strength. Double stitching along two layers of bonded genuine leather and integrated silk make the straps resistant to tear and wear and make it impossible for your wallet to stretch out.

On top of this, all Garzini wallets have RFID protection as a standard feature.

Carry anything

Carry anything

The Versaflex system can store banknotes, receipts and business cards. The clever construction makes it suitable for all sizes of international banknotes.

The strap system stretches so you can put away up to 30 notes at once.

Be Unique

Be unique with GarziniThe Versaflex system is never seen before and based on years of first-hand experience and feedback. Garzini products are a work of art, made from premium genuine leather and constructed with the care and attention that only the human hand can provide. The colours, with mat or brilliant finish, are carefully selected to match your business and casual wardrobe.