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Some of our favourite wallet related Kickstarter projects: 

Below are what we think are the best wallets, or wallet related projects on Kickstarter. We've even thrown in the odd Indiegogo to spice things up. 

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You may also be interested in checking out the most comprehensive Kickstarter Wallet Guide ever published: Slim Wallet Junkie's Ultimate Guide to Kickstarter Wallets. It's our infographic packed with all you could ever possibly want to know about successful Kickstarter wallet projects.

If you are launching your own wallet related Kickstarter campaign then get in touch. Slim Wallet Junkie has helped a number of projects by giving free and impartial advice about how best to appeal to UK/EU customers, dealing with import taxes and also post Kickstarter Strategic planning. We also have some pretty comprehensive research data on past successful Kickstarter Wallets we're happy to share.


Please note that the inclusion of any product on this page is not an endorsement or guarantee of quality by us. It simply means we think it looks like a good product, this doesn't mean it will necessarily deliver on that potential. Plenty of things can, and do, go wrong in many Kickstarter campaigns, so pledge wisely. For more information on this, we recommend you visit the accountability section of the Kickstarter basics page.