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Slim Wallet Junkie

Loafer Co Slim Leather Card Wallet


This super slim card wallet is handcrafted in the UK using the finest leather. This soft leather means this wallet is really flexible and will take as many or as few cards and notes as you need. The suede lining to the pockets means cards and notes are securely held in place but slide satisfyingly for quick and easy access.

The simplistic but clever design of this wallet mean the pockets are all quick to access meaning your cards are always easily at hand. With the stylish stitching and slick Loafer Co logo, this cardholder sets itself apart from other card holders.




2 Front, 2 Back and 1 middle slot give this wallet plenty of options for how to organise your cards and cash.


Cards: 10+ (up to 10 will comfortably fit to begin with, as the leather eases and relaxes over time, you should be able to fit a further 4-5 cards if necessary)

Cash: Folded notes and coins can be stored in any of the pockets or middle section


You can check out our in-depth video review of the Loafer Co Card Holder Wallet here on YouTube

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