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Cavity card

Cavity Card Slim


Cavity card creates just that little extra space in your wallet to carry your daily essentials. While adding minimal bulk.

The Cavity card is versatile compact, functional and will fit in almost any wallet. Simply slot one of your cards into the frame to create a minimal storage solution capable of holding capable of holding coins and other small items.

All the benefit of extra storage, without the need for an ugly, bulky wallet!

The Slim version of the Cavity card can fit: 

  • 5 large Euro coins or GBP coins (all except £1 coins will fit, including 50p and £2 coins - for the thicker £1 coins use the Regular or Double version)
  • 3 (flat) keys
  • a kingmax "superstick" USB stick
  • 4 memory cards

Thickness: 2.3 mm -Takes space of 4 cards.

Material:This slightly updated V.2 of the Cavity Card is created by 3D printing them in Alumide. Alumide is a mixture of Nylon and Aluminum particles which offers enough rigidity and strength whilst still being light and reducing rattling of coins.

The Cavity card is a frame into which you slot an existing card to create the back.The strong Tyvek bottom takes care of keeping your contents in place and secured.

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