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What Is A Front Pocket Wallet?

January 30, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

When it comes to slim wallets, there are a whole host you could choose from, but ask yourself if a front pocket wallet is one that you should consider.  

Here are the reasons we recommend a front pocket wallet: 

  1. A front pocket wallet is easier to sit down in. Forget taking it out to sit comfortably, perhaps leaving it on the table at your local coffee shop or even sitting through a movie feeling uncomfortable. These wallets are designed to be slim so you can keep it on you at all times. 
  2. If you like skinny jeans, back pocket wallets just don't work anymore. Fashion has moved on and slim wallets have answered the call. Of course, you could still carry your front pocket wallet in your back pocket, but we think you will love a new way of carrying it.
  3. There are some very good ways to protecting your wallet from ending up in the wrong hands such as chains. If you're just not a fan of the chain, however, a front pocket wallet will give you added security from pickpockets. If you want some added protection, consider choosing an RFID wallet to block skimming. 
  4. Front pocket wallets work just as well in jean jackets, pouch bags and shirt pockets. You won't be limited by our pick of slim wallets so try out what works best for you. 

Considering a change? We think you'll love our pick of the best slim wallets as front pocket wallets: 

The Trove Emerald, £30.

Trove Emerald

A firm favourite, this tiny wallet has three compartments and a card capacity of 10. It stays small and even fits into a small shirt pocket. 

The Trove Reflex Yellow Fluro, £20.

Trove Reflex

Move over leather wallets, this Trove is vegan-friendly made of high-tech reflective material usually found in performance sports apparel.  

The Secrid Card Protector Rust, £24.

Secrid Rust

Made of aluminium, the card protector stores up to six cards and is Secrid's most minimalist wallet.

The Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet, £40.

Bellroy card sleeve

Keeping bulk to an absolute minimum, this wallet won't let you store more than you should. It features quick access slots and a pull tab for the main storage.  

Want to view more options? Shop other great slim wallets here

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