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Slim Wallets Can Still Be Great For Coins

December 12, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

In a time where cashless seems like it's the way forward from paying with credit card details stored on your phone to Apple Pay on a watch - it seems strange that so many of us still opt to carry even a small amount of cash in our pockets and wallets. 

Whether you like to carry cash for that afternoon snack, or perhaps just haven't quite adjusted to a cashless society here are the reasons so many of us still opt for a wallet we can keep notes and even a few coins in. 

Tipping: there's nothing quite like giving your hairdresser, manicurist or waiter a cash tip that goes straight into their pot and feels that little more appreciative. 

Emergencies: there aren't situations we can think of where a cash-only policy would be required but you never know when you might be caught out and need to buy something in a hurry. 

Not All Cards Are Accepted: even though we may be adopting cashless payments, it's still worth noting that not everywhere will accept all types of credit cards. Popping to the shops? It might be your local newsagent who doesn't take card payments for anything under £5 so it's great to have some cash to hand. 

Suspended Cards: ever had your card blocked by your bank? You're not alone. Sometimes it just happens as a security issue, but getting caught out at a restaurant with a card that doesn't work isn't going to be very helpful. 

So, how much should you carry around and what's enough for everyday emergencies? We recommend about £40 made up of notes and a few coins. But don't just throw them into the bottom of your handbag or loosely into your pocket, keep them safe with our best picks of slim wallets made to carry around just what you need. Here are our favourites: 

Secrid CardSlide in Electrolime: 

CardSlide Electrolime

This slide is a great addition to your Secrid wallet making it easy to keep a few coins, a key and notes safely tucked away between your go-to wallet. Plus we like the bright design. Shop here £46.

Garzini, Magic Coin Wallet: 

Magic Coin Wallet

Not only does this wallet come with RFID protection for your cards but storing coins is no longer an issue with its hidden pocket.Shop here £42.95.

Trove Coin Cady: this wallet is made of carbon fibre, so if you prefer vegan alternatives - it's perfect. Carries everything you need whilst staying stylish, compact and neat.Shop here £35.

Bellroy Card Pocket:

Bellroy Card Pocket

Crafted from premium environmentally certified leather, the Bellroy zips up your cards and cash into the smallest of wallets.Shop here £45

Yugen Wallet: 

Yugen Wallet

Not only does it hold three cards, cash and coins but it also features an ID window which is perfect for keeping your travel card in or work pass.Shop here £44.

Trove Coin Caddy: 

Trove Coin Caddy

A great wallet for storing both cards and cash, plus it comes in three variations; leather, the vegan-friendly Reflex range and a carbon fibre option. Shop here from £30. 

Want a few more options? Find more wallets perfect for coins here.

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