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Do RFID Blocking Wallets Really Work?

August 12, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

From wallets to passport holders and even jeans with RFID built-in, it seems this "new" technology is popping up everywhere.

Without an RFID blocking wallet, it seems thieves will be able to steal your credit card information simply by scanning your cards when standing next to you. With that information, they can create a clone of your card or worse steal your identity.

But, do they really work?

The simple answer is yes! RFID reduces the reader's signal power which prevents the microchip from working. In turn, that means your data is kept safe by making it more difficult to read the information of your ID card, credit card and passport. Some of the most common RFID wallets are made with Aluminium or other similar conductive materials.

What RFID wallet should I choose?

We have some of our own favourites! RFID wallets don't need to look boring just because they have an important job to fulfil, these fab wallets will keep your data safe whilst still being chic, fashionable and true to your style.

A-Slim Chikara Tap n' Go £45 


Chikara is Japanese for power and this name was chosen for a reason, Chikara is for the power user. For those always on the go, A-Slim have designed this wallet with RFID technology to shield the inner slots while allowing the outside slot to be usable for your Oyster card, travel card or contactless card of choice. View here.


Garzini Essenziale Magic Wallet £34.95

Garzini RFID

The wallet can hold up to 16 cards, it has RFID protection built in and even secure anti-slip card slots so cards won't fall out of the pockets. View here.


Secrid Carprotector £24

Secrid RFID

The aluminium Cardprotector protects your six most important cards against RFID skimming and also against bending or breaking. View here.


Bellroy Hide and Seek £65

Bellroy RFID

It may seem traditional in appearance but the Hide & Seek is for those who want more out of their wallet. It holds money, card and even has a hidden flap to conceal large bills. Plus, it protects cards against RFID skimming. View here.


Bellroy Passport Travel Wallet £89

Bellroy Passport

This Travel Wallet has space for all of your essential travel gear inside one beautifully designed wallet which fits comfortably in your pocket. Organise currencies, 10 cards and your passport with RFID protection to keep card and personal data safe from skimming. View here.


View more RFID products and wallets here

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