Ditch the bulging handbag and still carry everything you need

Posted on January 23, 2018 by David Bruce

There’s nothing worse than on a night out holding a big, heavy bulging handbag that knocks through crowds as you walk into a bar! Or, the struggle to locate your wallet, which is always hiding at the bottom of your handbag containing your life’s possessions. It’s time to embrace that neat small clutch bag that really can take you from day to night because, everything you need can fit in it with a slim chic wallet addition to add to your style. Although slim wallets are hugely popular with men ditching the bulk and opting for compact sizes that fit in their pockets, they can also work great for your smaller handbag.


We’ve handpicked our favourite SECRID styles which are totally clutch bag worthy accessories and available in fancy colours and styles that give them just the right amount of femininity. Plus all UK and EU orders are available with free postage, so there’s no excuse for not upgrading the bulky look into a slim chic one right now. 


Slim Wallet in Vintage Grey & Black, £45

Vintage Grey SECRID 


The Twin Wallet in Original Fuchsia, £69

 Fuchsia SECRID


The Twin Wallet in Matte Blue, £69

Matte Blue SECRID


The Mini Wallet in Matte Purple, £49


The Card Slide Wallet in White and Bordeaux, £45

White Bordeaux Card SECRID

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