Slimfold goes MICRO

Posted on September 28, 2013 by Harry Jest

At Slim Wallet Junkie we have been on the trail of Dave and his Slimfold wallets from day one. Our fascination with it's ability to stash away and organise up to 10 cards, whilst staying Über minimalist began when we got hold of the very first version of his Tyvek wallet.

We loved the idea of the wallet and the way that it did it's job. However, there were a few issues, almost all of which were ironed out by the release of his version two wallet. The only remaining concern that we had was that it didn't necessarily cater for the more hardcore of us minimalists out there who do not even own 10 cards to fill a wallet up.

So, naturally we were mightily please when Dave decided to take his wallet MICRO. 

The all new Slimfold wallet Micro is the little brother of the original wallet. Launched as a kickstarter project it has been hugely popular and has finished with over $100,000 worth of backing smashing its original goal of $10,000.

The Slimfold MICRO will hold as little or as many cards as you like (from 3-12) satisfying even the most hardcore of minimalists. With new colours and such a radically new design we are very excited about getting our hands on one.

For more information why not check out the Slimfold MICRO Kickstarter Video.