Machine Era Co. Wallet

Posted on August 19, 2013 by David Bruce

Machine Era is a company that has managed to fly under our radar until recently when they ventured into the word of the slim wallet. Previously well known for their industrial strength keyring tools such as their original bottle opener.

Spurred by their distaste for any of the existing minimalist wallets they created the Machine Era Wallet ($28-$45). It doesn't have any bottle opening functions specifically designed in. However, what it does do is aid you in slimming down your wallet in industrial style.

Available in high grade aluminium or brass, each wallet is fully machined from a solid block of material. The aluminium version is then finished with a flat black anodized coating that adds a bit of durability and corrosion resistance. The brass version is left uncoated to make the most of the metals alluring colour.

The wallets have a storage capacity of up to six cards along with an elastic band that holds any additional cash or cards. At only 6.35mm thick and at a weight of only 37g for the aluminium version and a slightly weightier 111g for the brass, you can say goodbye to that unsightly pocket bulge and hello to industrial strength, pocket minimalism.

If you're from the UK or Europe and don't fancy paying the extra shipping or possible import fees, check out the SLIM wallet range by SolidDesigns, which is a very similar product, but produced in the UK, and sold in our online wallet shop.

For more information on the Machine Era Wallet why not take a look at their Kickstarter project.