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November 05, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

Meerkat Leather Wrist Wallet band

There have been a few times that people have raised the idea of a wrist wallet to us, saying it would be their perfect way to carry coins, but they haven't been able to find anything that will do the job. We should be clear, that there are already some of these out there, but they are mostly aimed at the sports market and so are made of  elastic or nylon materials and aren't the type of things people would wear on a daily basis. There are a select few leather wrist wallets, but the ones we've seen are too bulky to make them worth trying.

Newly founded German based design company Meerkat hope to fill this void with their leather Wrist Wallet range. And when we say range, we mean it - there is so much choice that it's like the Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean (which apparently are a real thing now) of the wrist wallet world.

About the Meerkat Leather Wrist Wallet

The Meerkat Wrist Wallet is a relatively simple concept, it is very like a traditional leather bracelet that wraps around a wrist, but also contains a zip pocket. This small zip pocket means that you can store notes, coins and other small items right around your wrist.

Meerkat Wrist Wallets being worn

The concept was born when the lead designer, Hanna, was travelling and came up with it as a handy and secure way to keep some currency on her without having to worry about where to put a wallet. Clearly the Meerkat Wrist Wallet is particularly secure, as the chances of someone nabbing it from your wrist without you noticing are relatively slim. With that in mind, it's not hard to see why this way of carrying cash would be ideal for many avid travelers.

It's unclear exactly how much they can hold, but we would hope at least a couple of notes and 5 or 6 coins - we'll do our best to find that out.

By using quality European tanned leather, the wrist wallet should be supple enough to feel comfortable as well as look stylish, though we obviously can't know for sure until we try it out. One thing that we can say, is that the design has been well thought through, meaning that it doesn't look like a wallet at first glance, but just matches the style of a normal leather bracelet that aren't uncommon to see around.

Meerkat Leather Wrist Wallet Existing Designs

There are a variety of colours and styles to choose, as in addition to the three existing variants shown above, the team hope to add three further lines, described as follows:

  • Slim & Sassy - a line that fits to fancy clothes and high heels.
  • Rip & Curl - a water-proof line that can be taken out into the ocean, kite-surfing or rafting.
  • Mice & Men -a men's line which looks a little more masculine and comes in additional XL and XXL sizes.

Meerkat Wrist Wallet Leather Styles

See what we mean about a big range? There should be plenty of options out there for everyone who's in the wrist wallet market, and photos of all of these ranges are available over on their Kickstarter page.

The Meerkat Wrist Wallet on Kickstarter

The Meerkat Wrist Wallet has already raised a respectable €1,412, but with little over a week to go, is still some way off the ambitious funding target of €12,000. It would be a shame to see a novel and innovative idea like this to fall by the wayside, so if it is your thing, be sure to head over to the Meerkat Wrist Wallet Kickstarter Page where you can pledge and find full details. You can also check out their video below.

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