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The Best Way to Carry Coins

October 28, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

Cavity Card is the new way to carry coins

Of all the topics that get people going in the our little world of slim and minimalist wallets, the subject of coins seems to be top of the list. There is a divide between those who think coins are a complete waste of time and space, and those who need their coins and want somewhere to store them that doesn't mean carrying around a bulky old wallet. The subject got so heated in the debate on one of the videos on our YouTube channel that we even dedicated a whole blog post to clearing it up.

The Cavity Card has changed the rules on all of this though. No longer does it have to be a choice between a slim, stylish wallet or the ability to hold coins - now just about any wallet can be turned into a perfect coin carrying wallet with this simple but ingenious product.

Originally borne out of the frustration of Leon Oudehand, a designer based in the Netherlands, who loved his SECRID Wallet but also wanted the ability to carry a few coins around. He invented the Cavity Card at first just to meet this need for himself, but it soon became apparent when friends and family would ask him where they could get one, that maybe this was a problem he could solve for many other people too, and so we have the brilliant Cavity Card.

About the Cavity Card

The Cavity Card is a small frame, about the dimensions of a credit card, that creates something akin to a small tray that sits inside your wallet. This ingenious design allows simple and easy storage of a couple of coins, as well as other small objects such as keys, memory sticks, SD/SIM Cards and so on.

Cavity Card Coin Storage

Milled out of lightweight aluminium, the Cavity Card weighs only 5 grams, whilst still being strong and durable.

The Cavity Card works by slotting an existing card into the back, which is held in place by the inbuilt clips which will do the job for most, though it also comes with adhesive strips for those who want a little extra security to it. This creates the main storage area where coins and other small items can be placed. The Cavity Card can then be slotted into just about any wallet next to your existing cards, which will hold the contents in place.

The Cavity Card is so simple and universal, that there should be a load-out to fit just about any need, such as these examples below:

Cavity Card item loadouts

To avoid taking up unnecessary space in your wallet, you can use the Cavity Card with any card you would usually carry around anyway. It is recommended to use a contactless card, or one you have to carry, but don't regularly use such as an insurance or work pass. Alternatively, you can use the plain card included with the Cavity Card.

Because the design is so simple, and only slightly bigger than a standard credit card, it will fit in just about any wallet that can store a few cards or more, making it the ultimate universal coin carrying solution.

The Cavity Card comes in two sizes, a Slim and Double, catering to various storage needs. 

Cavity Card Slim

Thickness: 2.3 mm
Takes space of 4 cards
(incl. backing card)

The slim version fits:
5 large coins (excluding £1GBP coin)
3 (flat) keys
a kingmax "superstick" USB stick
4 memory cards

Cavity Card Double

Thickness: 5 mm
Takes space of 7 cards
(incl. backing card)

The double version fits:
10 large coins
6 (flat) keys
most flat USB sticks
most (flat) pills

The Cavity card is designed with ease of use in mind. It is simply a case of popping in the coins and items you want to store in it, and slotting it into your wallet. When you need to access the items in it, you can simply slide it out and have them in reach in no time.

We are so impressed with the Cavity Card, that we are delighted to be able to sell it directly from our store. You can pick one up from just £13, with free shipping to the UK & EU! Click here to shop for the Cavity Card.

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