Slim 2: The New Slim Wallet

Posted on September 09, 2015 by David Bruce

Slim Wallet 2

We like slim, if you haven't picked that up by now, then frankly you haven't been paying attention... we'll let it slide though, because we like you. The long suffering readers among you may remember way back to the very beginning of this blog, one of the first wallets we ever featured was the Slim. If you do remember that, maybe you should get out more, but top marks for commitment! The Original Slim wallet, with its simple elastic design, was a huge success on Kickstarter, and in fact was one of the projects that helped get the ball rolling on the whole minimalist wallet Kickstarter trend, so we should treat it with some respect for that alone. 

Almost exactly three years after the success of Supr Good Co., the team behind Slim,  have put their heads together again to bring us the successor to their original slim wallet, Slim 2, dubbed the perfect minimalist wallet. Perfect is a big claim, so let's look at how it stacks up.

About the Slim 2 Wallet

Slim 2 Wallet Colours

Supr Good have remained true to the core principles that made their original wallet so successful, with a simple, slim profile and an elastic core. However, this time they have stepped things up a notch in the design stakes. Whilst elastic might be doing all the work behind the scenes, the Slim 2 doesn't look like an elastic wallet, instead it has the appearance of a leather wallet. This is because the elastic which gives the Slim its versatile design, is only exposed on the slim sides of the wallet, while the main body is covered in a premium leather. This clever design gives the functionality and flexibility of elastic, whilst maintaining the look and appeal of a premium leather wallet.

Slim 2 Wallet with notes

Apart from the clever integration of elastic and leather, there are no fancy features going on with the Slim 2, it keeps its design in tune with the the brands minimalist principles. There is just one pocket in the Slim 2 which is designed to hold between 1-10 cards. A folded note or two can also be slipped in this pocket and stored between cards. That's it with the Slim 2, things are kept simple and elegant. Some people might want more from their wallet, but for those looking for simplicity and minimalism in their everyday carry, this has to be an option worth considering.

Slim 2 Side view

At only 9mm thick, the Slim 2 certainly lives up to its name. The only decoration on the slim is the small X embossed onto the leather on one side, which has become the hallmark of Supr Goods products. The Slim 2 is available in 3 distinctive colours: Black with Dark Gray herringbone elastic, Tan with Brown herringbone elastic or Warm Gray with Warm Gray herringbone elastic.

The Slim 2 Wallet on Kickstarter

The Slim 2 has already well surpassed its initial funding target, but there is now less than 3 days to go on the project,  so you will have to get in quick if you want to back it. For more information or to pledge, visit the Slim 2 Kickstarter page, or check out their video below.