The Fusion Wallet: Hardwood and Metal blend

Posted on September 04, 2015 by David Bruce

Fusion Metal Wood Wallet

EDITORS NOTE: Many people (see the comments below) have reported they have never received this wallet after backing it on Kickstarter. We would suggest not attempting to seek out this wallet or backing any other projects from the same creator.

Wallets usually come in one of several designs or shapes, that have features and design ideas tweaked to differentiate them from the competition. However, every now and then one comes along that is just totally different to any other we can recall seeing, and that is definitely the case with the Fusion Wallet. This is actually the third iteration of the Fusion Wallet, with the previous two being successfully funded on Kickstarter in July of 2013 and 2014 respectively. 

The man behind the Fusion wallet is Thomas Johnson, whose passion is design, and he has spent the last few years amassing own small manufacturing facility to fulfill his dreams . Clearly, this has huge advantages in allowing costs to be kept down, but also meaning designs can be tinkered with and adjusted without the need to go through all the hoops of a commercial manufacturer. Regular readers of this blog will know we love a good home-grown wallet, and this particular operation falls into that category, being based in the North(ish) of England.

About the Fusion Wallet

Fusion Wallet with hinge door storage

What makes the Fusion Wallet so unique is its core design; it is unlike any other wallet that we've seen. In fact, it is probably easiest to think of it as the pencil-case of adulthood, but the coolest darn pencil case in the whole of the school! That's right, even cooler than those drink can pencil cases everyone wanted in primary school. Now we've established the level of cool we're talking about on the pencil case scale, let's talk about what actually makes the Fusion Wallet stand out.

Fusion Wallet Closed Hinge Design

The Fusion wallet is, in essence, a small box to house your cards and cash. It has a hinge in the middle, meaning it opens out into two distinct compartments. Each of these compartments can hold up to 8 cards (less if lots of them have embossed numbers), and a few folded notes. The contents of each compartment are held in place by a hinged flap, sort of like a half door, which stops contents mixing when closed, as well as preventing the contents falling out when closing, or rumbling around too much inside.

Fusion Wallet Wood Types: Mahogony, Walnut, Iroko, OakCreated from CNC machined metal and a choice of four different wood types, the Fusion is certainly a good looking wallet. The blend of metal and wood is seamless and gives it a modern yet cultured feel. There are 16 standard designs to choose from, which offer different engravings and wood paneling positioning, as well as custom engraving options - see the Fusion Wallet Kickstarter page for the full range of designs. When you consider each of these 16 design can have any of the four wood types; Mahogany, Walnut, Iroko (nope, we've no idea either) or Oak, there is a heck of a lot of choice! 

The nature of the design means that the Fusion Wallet doesn't only hold cards and notes, though, as it is more like a small pocket box, you can fit just about any small object in without too much trouble, including keys, coins, slips of paper and so on. It may be though that some of these items will rattle around quite a lot given the space inside, so might need to be padded out a little - the proof will be in the pudding on that one.

 In terms of dimensions, the Fusion wallet is 104mm x 63mm x 21.5 and weighs around 122g (43 oz), but that will presumably vary slightly across designs. This means it is not the most absolutely minimalist wallet, but for the type of design we are talking about, maintains an impressively unobtrusive profile. A magnetic clasp holds the Fusion wallet together when closed, and the magnets have been cleverly hidden behind the wood, meaning there are no unsightly elements sticking out to spoil the pleasing aesthetics of the wallet. 

Fusion Wallet Measurements

The Fusion Wallet on Kickstarter

The Fusion wallet has already past its funding goal and is approaching doubling it with just 5 days to go at the time of writing, so if you want to support this campaign, you will have to be fairly speedy. To find out more, or to pledge, visit the Fusion Wallet Kickstarter page, or watch the video below.