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WOLYT Sleeve by Loft of Cambie Now Available in our Online Shop

July 04, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

WOLYT Sleeve Formal & Casual on sale in the UK

We. Love. The. WOLYT Sleeve. We love it so much it just made us do the most annoying typing thingy on the internet. Well, maybe apart from when people get all the capital letters all over the shop, what is that all about? But we're not even going to apologise for it, because the WOLYT Sleeve is just that good. The perfectly balanced mix of leather and ballistic nylon creates a seriously good looking and quality feeling wallet.

We'll level with you here, when we first got hold of the WOLYT Sleeve, it was more out of curiosity than anything. We had heard about it, and it looked a little different to anything else we'd seen, but we weren't really expecting all that much. But right from opening up the packaging we began to realise we had underestimated it. The WOLYT Sleeves comes in a beautiful recyclable presentation box which oozes class, and this theme is continued when you open it up to find the wallet wrapped in black gift paper, sealed with the Loft of Cambie logo - check out our WOLYT Sleeve video review to see exactly what we mean. It is this kind of simple, small touch that you would expect from a far more expensive product, that makes the WOLYT Sleeve wallet range stand out so much.

WOLYT Sleeve Sports Red/Navy

The delights don't stop at the packaging though, we're no sucker- we know this is all about the quality of the wallet itself, not the fancy packaging it comes in. The WOLYT Sleeve comes in two varieties, each of which boasts several colour combinations. The WOLYT Sleeve Classic is a modern twist on classic leather design, combining Leather and Ballistic Nylon to create a stylish and contemporary feel. The WOLYT Sleeve Sports is geared perfectly for an active lifestyle and travel, but is equally at home in more formal settings too, and consists of two complementary shades of Ballistic Nylon, with subtle but impressive leather finishing.

The materials used to craft each WOLYT Sleeve are top notch, including Top Grain Leather throughout and tightly woven Ballistic Nylon. The nature and quality of both these materials ensure the wallet not only looks and feels great, but is durable and long lasting. The stitching is flawless and designed to cope with the rough and tumble of every-day use, being knocked around in a bag or pocket.

WOLYT Sleeve Classic Cobalt/Brown

The WOLYT Sleeve is the perfect minimalist wallet, as it holds exactly what you need, without adding any bulk or tempting you into carrying unnecessary junk. With space for up to 7 cards as well as a few notes and a key, the WOLYT Sleeve fits your every-day carry perfectly. It is also designed to ensure that every card or note stored in it is easily and instantly accessible. This is achieved by the two easy-access card slots on either side of the wallet, as well as the pull-tab feature on the main pocket. This pull tab is well designed to provide both easy access and smooth loading, and feels strangely satisfying to operate. With a simple and gentle tug, your cards protrude about an inch from the wallet, allowing you to fan through and slide out the one you need.

On top of the well designed card storage, the WOLYT Sleeve wallet also has a cash slot on the back which can hold several folded notes which are secure, but easily accessible. A leather key loop on the side provides the optional bonus of attaching a key to the wallet should you wish.

The WOLYT Sleeve is available is several different colour combinations to suit any style, all of which can be seen in our WOLYT Sleeve Store.

WOLYT Sleeve Pricing

All with Free Delivery and no import fees or duties to pay within the UK/EU.

We think that is probably enough gushing about the WOLYT Sleeve - did we mention that we love it? We will leave you to decide which colour you would choose, but just before you do that - seeing is believing, so check out our WOLYT Sleeve Video review below.

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