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Natsu: Slim Leather RFID Protection

July 03, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

Kisetsu Natsu Wallet

Remember those clever guys at Kisetsu who brought us the Haru wallet a few months ago? If not, you can check out our original blog post on it. We also have a video review of the Haru wallet coming very shortly. It's fair to say we quite liked the Haru; it is slim, good looking, quality and functional. However, the new start-up that is Kisetsu certainly isn't resting upon its laurels, as already they have launched a second wallet, and it promises to be even better than the Haru.

About the Natsu Wallet

Introducing Natsu. Wondering what all these names are about? Well here is a fun fact for you: Kisetsu is the Japanese word for "a season", and the seasons are Haru (Spring), Natsu (Summer), Aki (Autumn), and Fuyu (Winter). Bet you didn't expect to learn that today! We can only assume that Aki and Fuyu are in the pipeline, but right now we are excited about the new Natsu Wallet.

Natsu Minimial Leather Wallet with Cash

The first thing we want to say about the Natsu is that it is extremely thin, and by thin we are talking about literally a couple of millimeters when empty. This is achieved by using Saffiano Leather, which is a very tough and resilient material, so can still provide enough strength for a wallet even in such a thin design. It also looks the business as far as I'm concerned, although I know it does split opinions on that front.

Alongside the Saffiano Leather outer, there is also a super thin lining - I'm not sure exactly what material this is - it feels almost like a plasticy sort of nylon, but it is very smooth so allows cards to easily slide in and out, providing great ease of use. This material also blocks RFID signals, meaning the Natsu is the thinnest RFID blocking leather wallet we are aware of, by some distance in fact.

Natsu Minimal Leather Wallet with RFID Protection

The Natsu wallet has a simple sleeve design. There are 3 pockets, the main one being the middle of the wallet - the cut away sloping corner design here to allow cards to be easily accessed with one hand. There are then two other pockets, on either side of the wallet, which can be used in a variety of ways that suit you. The first pocket is a simple slot, ideal for folded notes or a daily use card.

The second pocket is similar but has a nifty little tab which allows it to be quickly tucked under the slot and effectively seals the pocket - this is slightly hard to explain, so see the GIFs below for a view of it in action. This makes it ideal for coins as they are secure in there and won't fall out. It won't be able to fit masses of coins, but this is definitely the most minimal wallet with a dedicated coin pocket we can think of. If coins aren't your thing, this pocket can easily be used for things like SD cards, keys and other small objects, or simply for more folded notes or an extra card instead.


The design of the Natsu is pretty straight forward and suits its minimalist style. It simply relies on the leather and bold stitching to make it aesthetically pleasing, and it works. This is the kind of wallet that lets its materials and features do the talking, rather than needing a lot of decoration. The Natsu comes in a huge range of colours though, with one bound to suit pretty much any taste. All 17 colours can be seen below, or here in High-Resolution 

Natsu Wallet Leather Colours

We are pretty impressed with the speed at which Kisetsu is working. It is no small feat to have one very successful Kickstarter completed, fulfilled and product launched then have a second new product ready and laucnhed on Kickstarter all within a few months. You might wonder if they are slacking on quality to do this, but I can assure you this is not the case. Having seen both the Haru and the Natsu Wallets first hand, they definitely live up to their billing. We have a Natsu on our desk as we speak, and will be bringing you a video review very shortly! Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to make sure you don't miss that.

Natsu Wallet on Kickstarter

Natsu has already proved popular on Kickstarter and is over 200% funded. To find out more, or to pledge, visit the Natsu Wallet Kickstarter Page, or check out their video below.


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