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MiniMAX Wallet: Semi-Minimalist Wallet

June 25, 2015 4 min read 0 Comments

MiniMAX Semi-minimalist wallet

The London based team behind the MiniMAX are marketing this wallet as a "semi-minimalist" design, and I think they've got it spot on there. This wallet isn't designed for those who've truly decided to slim down and cut out all but the essentials. It is instead geared towards those who want to do that, but for whatever reason can't quite take the plunge fully. Often for reasons that are pretty valid.

Whilst it would be nice to think everyone could get rid of their coins, receipts and unnecessary cards from their wallets, that just isn't the reality. There is actually a huge subset of people who want a wallet that still offers them ample coin, cash and card storage, without having to settle for a clumpy old bi-fold. This is a market that is usually woe-fully under-catered for, so the MiniMAX - whilst it may not be to the liking of some purists - will be a welcome addition for many.

About the MiniMAX Wallet

When closed, the MiniMax has the appearance of a fairly standard wallet. It has a square profile accentuated by bold stitching, and a colourful elastic band to hold the wallet tight. It's certainly evident there is something different about it from this view, but the extent of how true that is only becomes apparent once you open it up.

MiniMAX Wallet in action

The MiniMAX consists of three equal square panels that all fold in on them-self to form the square shape when closed. When open however, it looks akin to a half finished version of one of those cardboard cube templates you used to have to glue together in primary school. This is something I've never seen before in a wallet, but is actually a very innovative and clever idea, as it opens a whole new way of thinking about wallet design and storage.

When unfolded, the bottom square acts as the coin storage pouch. Due to the wide opening, access to this pocket is easy, and coins can simply be slid in without any fuss. It can also hold other small objects like keys, SIM cards, memory cards and so on. No zip or fastening is necessary, because once it is folded back over to the closed position, the leather itself stops anything from sliding out. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into ensuring this pocket is both easy to access and secure.

MiniMAX Wallet Cash Storage

The two top squares each have a card slot on the inside, and also double as the note storage section. Notes are simply laid across the two panels, and held in place by the bottom square (the coin one), once it is folded back over. This leaves one half of the notes exposed when the wallet is partially open, for easy counting and access, whilst still held in place by the third square. This section has been designed to fit both US Dollars and British Pound notes, so most other currencies should also fit fine.

Once all folded up, a stitched in elastic band can be slid over the top to keep everything securely in place. and of course as slim as possible. There is another card pocket on each side of the folded wallet, which can be used to store frequently used cards which require easy access. This means in total there are 4 card pockets, a note section and coin storage. This means it can in theory hold around 16 (more than anyone should ever be carrying), as well as several notes and coins. You'll probably find that anywhere from 2-8 cards is the sweet-spot for this wallet.

MiniMAX Wallets Black & Brown

Just when you were thinking that must be it, there is one last feature we want to touch on - the inclusion of pro/anti RFID technology. This means that certain pockets are RFID protected, meaning you can be sure cards stored there are safe from potential theives or card clash, whereas other pockets have been designed to allow RFID transactions to take place, without needing to remove your card. This is perfect to keep a work pass or travel card handy, whilst keeping your bank cards totally protected.

The MiniMAX is made from genuine leather which is available in either black or brown. There are also 6 different colour options for the elastic band, meaning there are 12 potential colour combinations to choose from.

MiniMAX Band Colours

The MiniMAX Wallet looks to be an excellent minimalist wallet to store coins in, as well as offering something quite new and alternative to the majority of wallets out there. Perhaps semi-minimalist is indeed the best way to sum up this wallet.

The MiniMAX Wallet on Kickstarter

The MiniMAX Wallet has been pretty popular so far, so many of the initial early bird pledges have gone, but there are still a few bargains to be had. The choice to offer free worldwide shipping is a nice touch, meaning no matter where you are buying from, everyone pays the same. To find out more or to pledge, visit the MiniMAX Wallet Kickstarter Page. Alternatively, you can check out their video below.

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