BASICS Wallet Now Sold in Our Store

Posted on June 22, 2015 by David Bruce

BASICS Wallet in use

This is the first time the BASICS Wallet has been sold directly within the UK, talk about being trailblazers! This means you can take advantage of our free shipping options and no import fees to get hold of this awesome wallet!

Remember when we reviewed the BASICS Wallet a few months back? No, we thought not, but don't worry, you can refresh your memory by checking out our BASICS Wallet Review. If you can't be bothered to do that (no one is judging you here), let us sum it up by saying we thought the BASICS Wallet was pretty awesome. We were struck by its simple yet elegant design, and the multi-directional card fanning provided by the genius pull tab had us at hello. 

BASICS Wallet Pull Tab  BASICS Wallet Easy Access Card

I won't lie to you though, it wasn't all rose petals and blue skies; we did have one reservation about the BASICS Wallet, and that was one that had been echoed by many of its original backers - "this wallet is awesome, but it is prone to fraying". Well, BASICS stepped up and showed they care about their customers and backers, unlike some Kickstarter wallets, who will remain unnamed. They worked to develop a version 1.5, which reinforces the areas that had previously been an issue. The result is a wallet that is hard wearing and durable, but without having compromised on the size and style that made the original so appealing and popular.

Don't take our word for it though, we decided to head on over the the BASICS Kickstarter page and see what backers were saying about it. These were the two latest comments when we looked:

BASICS Wallet Comments

Whilst we like the cut of Craig & Zacks jib in going all DIY on their wallet, we're glad it doesn't need to come to that for the rest of us. BASICS have understood exactly what Kickstarter is about - getting a product to market by engaging potential customers, then learning from and acting upon the feedback. Thanks to them following that, we now have an awesome wallet to be excited about.

When we heard BASICS had addressed the fraying issue, we knew we had to get it into our shop, as it has been one of our favourite wallets we've BASICS Wallet Coloursreviewed this year. So we are delighted that we now have a shipment of BASICS Wallets in our hands ready to send out to you lucky people!

So why order from us rather than direct from BASICS? Well, for one thing we have made sure to price it so that, including postage, it will be cheaper for anyone in the EU. Not only that, but you won't have to risk being hit with any nasty import taxes/handling fees. This means the price you pay on our site is the price you will pay. And I think we can all agree, that price is a bit of a bargain for such a cool wallet!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our Online Store to shop for BASICS Wallet, and as always, it is available with free UK & EU postage.

Reading this in the USA/Canada? You may prefer to go directly to the BASICS Store - you are of course welcome to buy from us too, your call!