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Urban Slim - Versatile Wallet

June 23, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

Urban Slim Black Wallet Front and Back

If there is one thing to start off with about the Urban Slim, it's that it is more about evolution than revolution. By no means do we mean that as an insult, there is much to be said for taking existing concepts and making subtle improvements resulting in a more useful and well rounded product. Depending on who you ask, it's the way we wound up becoming humans, so it can't be all that bad a process.... well, for the majority of the race anyway! Many people try to reinvent the wallet, and very few get it right, so we welcome the approach of building upon existing ideas that work, and making smaller twists to provide a polished product.

The Urban Slim is brought to us by ComboCases, who have a proven track record in developing various phone cases. This seems to be their first forray into the world of wallets, but has been welcomed with open arms by the Kickstarter community.

Urban Slim Wallet Comparison in Use

About the Urban Slim Wallet

The Urban Slim brings to mind recently launched Haru Wallet, as well as some of the Dash Wallet varieties, amongst others. Both of these are pretty good starting points, and it is fair to say the Urban Slim has thrown in some innovative spins that make it worth checking out.

The Urban Slim has the appearance of a simple sleeve type wallet at first glance, but upon further investigation it is clear there is much more to it than that. The Urban Slim is made of Genuine Leather and premium elastic. There is a main pocket in the center of the wallet which is expandable, thanks to the flexible elastic. This allows several cards to be stored if necessery, but is tight enough even when only 1 or 2 are needed. The elastic also allows for very easy loading of and access to cards.

Urban Slim Flexible Pocket Gif    Urban Slim Quick Draw Vertical Gif

However, when the flexible pocket just isn't easy enough to access, there is a "quick draw" pocket on either side of the wallet, with the increasingly common thumb slide feature. One of these is aligned vertically and the other horizontal. You might think of this as either a strange mish-mash, or the best of both worlds, which just depends on your viewpoint really. The one thing we can all agree on though is that instant one handed access to two cards is always a good sign on any minimalist wallet.

Just tucked in behind the horizontal quick-draw pocket is a clever little cash pocket which can hold a few folded notes. The video also shows coins being placed in here, and looks pretty secure, though the proof is often in the pudding with coins stored in a pocket like this. It certainly would appeal to many if it can hold a few coins, given the relative lack of slim wallets that cater for the coin carrying Slim Wallet Junkies out there - though if this is you, you should really be asking yourself "are those coins really necessary?"

Urban Slim quick draw Gif    Urban Slim Cash Slot Gif

This is what the Urban Slim team quote as the main appeal of the wallet:

Super Secure

Unlike other “slim” or “minimalist” wallets, which leave some or all of your wallet’s content exposed, we keep it all tucked away.

Super Durable

Made from the Premium genuine leather and high quality woven custom elastic, the Urban Slim Wallet was intently designed with longevity in mind, capable of enduring the tests of even the most extreme lifestyles.

Super Versatile 

This wallet is capable of holding as much or as little as you need. It securely holds anywhere from 1-15 cards, as well as cash, receipts, keys, or anything else you can imagine you’d need from your wallet.

ComboCases quote the dimensions for the Urban Slim at just: 10.2cm(3.9"inchs) X 7.8cm (3.5"inch) X 0.7cm (0.28"inch).

Urban Slim Wallet Colour Options

The wallet design is pretty straight forward, with not too much going on other than the leather itself and the subtle matching stitch. The Urban Slim is available in three colours, Black, Blue and Brown.

The Urban Slim on Kickstarter

The Urban Slim has already smashed its goal, and still has over a week to run at the time of writing. To find out more, or to pledge, visit the Urban Slim Wallet Kickstarter Page, or check out their (annoyingly small) video below.

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