Crabby Wallet V2 Video Review

Posted on June 20, 2015 by David Bruce

The Crabby Wallet was huge on Kickstarter when it launched back in 2013, raising over $300,000 dollars, which is still one of the largest totals raised for a wallet on Kickstarter even today. Since then, Crabby has evolved, and version 2, or V2, was developed in line with some of the feedback from the original backers, to offer an even better wallet. 

The Crabby wallet prides itself on being ultra slim and flexible, but with all the features you'd want in an every-day carry wallet. It is also the perfect travel companion and has been a huge hit with unwashed backpackers everywhere. We took a look at it in our Crabby Wallet V2 Video Review, which you can check out below.