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Fides: Truly Handmade Leather Wallets

May 20, 2015 3 min read 0 Comments

Fides Three handcrafted leather wallets

Fides is a leather crafting company created by Kevin, based in Bellevue, Washington. Fueled by his passion for leather craftsmanship, Kevin created Fides as a leather goods company that would provide affordable, yet durable, and most importantly, well made products. The great thing about this is that Fides delivers truly handmade wallets. Every step of the crafting process is done by Kevin himself, so you know you are getting a truly unique wallet with handmade character. To illustrate this, the Kickstarter video (which you can see at the bottom of this page) is a simple but strangely mesmerising demonstration of the creation process.

About Fides Wallets

The Fides Wallet Kickstarter comprises of three different wallet designs, as well as a few small non-wallet items. Each wallet is handcrafted from natural vegetable tanned leather which is a light honey colour, and stitched with a white multicorded waxed linen thread. The design of each wallet is kept simple, with the same honey colour and white thread throughout, and the only added detail being an optional embossed logo.

Fides Cardholder Wallet

The first wallet is a simple cardholder, with a pocket on each side. Each pocket can hold a 2 cards and a couple of notes at first, and more as it expands with use. This is aimed at the true minimalist who wants just the bare essentials.

Fides Fold Leather Wallet

The second wallet is the Fold Wallet, which has two pockets on the front side, with a flap that folds over and tucks in to cover the pockets and their contents. This wallet can hold 5 cards and some notes at first, but again will hold more once it has been broken in.

Fides Bifold Wallet

The final wallet is the most substantial of the the three, and is a traditional bifold. It's a little bulkier than something we at Slim Wallet Junkie would go for, we're more into the previous two - but it is a great option for those who haven't quite let go of their pocket bulk just yet. It is designed in the common way for a standard bifold, with 4 card pockets, as well as two hidden card compartments behind the standard ones, and a cash slot in the back. It will hold at least 8 cards, and as many bills as you're ever likely to be lucky enough to have.

The process of doing each wallet by hand personally is certainly time consuming, but something Kevin feels is integral to the brands character, saying: "The term "handmade" has become ambiguous in modern times, which was the reason why I chose to outline the process by which I make my goods in the video. I'm transparent about my work, which I believe establishes a better level of trust with the customer. All steps, from cutting, trimming, sanding, burnishing, painting, and saddle stitching, are done entirely by hand, by myself. Though no doubt time consuming, it is a process that I enjoy!" He goes on to say that "While products made by hand might never reach the precision of those made by machines, I still strive to ensure that my product is one that the user will be proud of. I believe that the label of "handmade" should not be a scapegoat for messy stitches or poor craftsmanship. I take pride in my work and hope the customer will feel the same."

It's great to see someone so passionate about their product and their craft, and it is clear to see that this comes through into the wallets produced by Fides.

Fides Wallets on Kickstarter

The Fides Wallets currently have a few weeks left on Kickstarter and are on their way towards funding. The wallets start at $30 for the cardholder, up to $85 for the bifold. To find out more or to pledge, visit the Fides Leather Wallets Kickstarter page. Be sure to check out the video for an interesting look into the process of hand crafting a leather wallet.

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